Islamabad, 7 July 2023 (TDI): Pakistan and Kazakhstan have announced the start of Direct flights between the two countries from July 8, 2023.

This project aims to increase the bilateral relations between  Pakistan and Kazakhstan. This project is expected to increase trade, tourism and cultural integration. While also encouraging economic cooperation and regional connection.

Direct Flights

The introduction of direct flights between the two nations marks a significant milestone in their efforts to strengthen economic growth. This development will not only facilitate the movement of local people but also foster closer cooperation in trade and investment.

With the direct flights initiative, the tourist industry is expected to increase as travelers from both sides can easily explore each other’s attractions.

Businesses from various sectors, including agriculture and technology, will be able to tap into the new market. This will further create employment opportunities as well.

Quadrilateral Traffic in Transit Agreement (QTTA)

The silk route under the Quadrilateral Traffic in Transit Agreement will play a vital role in facilitating increased trade and also enhancing transportation between the two nations. It will also serve as an important link in strengthening regional connectivity.

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The QTTA will accelerate trade and transit activities along this historic trade route. This plan will not only help Pakistan and Kazakhstan but also the entire region’s economic development as well.

Pakistan and Kazakhstan aim to promote mutual understanding and bolster their historical and cultural bond through cultural exchange, people-to-people interaction, and joint initiatives. This integration will also facilitate the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and expertise.

As the two countries begin this new chapter of cooperation, they will lead to the benefits of stronger ties and mutual prosperity.