The Diplomatic Insight (TDI) is Pakistan’s Premier Foreign Policy and Public Diplomacy Magazine, publishishing since 2008.  With a vast network and a broad reach, TDI has established itself as a powerful media house, connecting Diplomatic Missions, Diplomats, and Ambassadors both in Pakistan and abroad, as well as Civil Society, Business, and Trading Groups worldwide.

As one of the widely popular publications among Ambassadors, Diplomats, Embassy officials, Heads of International Development and Trade organizations, Parliamentarians, Media representatives, Academics, and other Civil Society leaders, TDI invites in-depth, objective analysis on a broad range of foreign policy, diplomacy, diplomatic relations, country insights, trade, business, technology, sports, culture, cuisine and ideas that matter.


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Things to remember before your submission!

  • Review the magazine’s focus and tone: Before submitting your article, it is important to understand the focus and tone of the magazine you are submitting to. Diplomatic Insight is a magazine focused on international politics, media, technology, ambassadors’ activities, country information, travel, culture, cuisine, women’s insight, and other related topics. Therefore, your article should align with the magazine’s focus and tone. Familiarize yourself with the magazine’s content and style by reading recent articles and understanding their tone and approach.
  • Choose a topic: Choose a topic that fits within the range of topics covered by The Diplomatic Insight. Your topic should be contemporary and not based on far in history. This could include current events in international politics, the role of technology in diplomacy, a country’s cultural heritage, or the profile of an ambassador, among others. Ensure your topic is relevant and timely and you have a unique angle or perspective on the subject.
  • Research your topic: Thorough research is crucial in ensuring your article’s accuracy and up-to-date information. Utilize reputable sources such as academic journals, government websites, news outlets, and other credible sources. Keep a record of all sources used in your research, as you must cite them in your article using hyperlinks.
  • TDI covers the activities of Ambassadors, Diplomats, International organizations, Ministries of Foreign Affairs, and multilateral organizations to promote information and highlight the outstanding work conducted by the diplomats in building peace, dialogue, and prosperity in the conflict-prone world.
  • Write a clear and concise article: Write a clear and concise article that focuses on a specific angle or perspective. Use short sentences and paragraphs to keep your writing easy to read. Ensure your writing is engaging and informative and effectively conveys your message to the reader.
  • The title of your article should be attention-grabbing and reflective of the content. It should give the reader a clear idea of the article and entice them to read on.
  • Use headings and subheadings to break up your article and make it easy to read. This also helps to keep your writing organized and on track.
  • Avoid plagiarism: Properly cite all sources used in your research to avoid plagiarism.
  • TDI invites unbiased, objective diplomatic and foreign affairs-related articles, blogs, and information for publication.
  • TDI gives preference to those with original reporting, analysis, and commentary.
  • Avoid using overly partisan or controversial language in your article. The Diplomatic Insight aims to provide objective and balanced coverage, so maintain this tone in your writing.
  • Submission for TDI should range between 400 words to 800 words.
  • Featured articles can range from 1200 to 1500 words.
  • Use hyperlinks in the text to acknowledge the sources. Do not use footnotes or endnotes.
  • Send us the original work, not published anywhere, and not plagiarized work.
  • Use quotes, statistics, and other supporting information to bolster your arguments. This helps to strengthen your writing and make it more credible.
  • Send us the MS Word document with your complete introduction and contact details.
  • The articles should be written in English. We do not accept articles written in any other language.
  • Your write-up should be free of grammatical errors and mistakes
  • It should be easily readable and understandable, and sentences should not be long.
  • If applicable, include relevant images or multimedia to accompany your article. This can help to illustrate your points and make your article more engaging visually.
  • Ensure all multimedia is properly cited and has the necessary permissions for use. This will prevent any potential legal issues and ensure that the magazine can publish your article without complications.
  • Be mindful of cultural and regional sensitivities when writing your article. Avoid making insensitive or offensive statements, and aim to respect all cultures and communities.
  •  Keep your writing objective and balanced. Present both sides of an argument and provide evidence to support your perspective. Avoid making personal opinions the focus of your writing.
  • Editors reserve the right to accept or reject your submission.
  • Editors also reserve the right to edit the piece for clarity and readability.
  • Submit your write-ups and completed articles for consideration at the email address
  • Send an email with your detailed introduction and contact details.
  • Please write to another media outlet if you do not hear from us after three business days.

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