The Diplomatic Insight (TDI), Pakistan’s Premier Foreign Policy and Public Diplomacy Magazine has been a trusted publication since its establishment in 2008. With an extensive network and wide-reaching influence, TDI has solidified its position as a formidable media platform, fostering connections among Diplomatic Missions, Diplomats, and Ambassadors within Pakistan and abroad, as well as Civil Society, Business, and Trading Groups globally.
Recognized as a go-to resource by Ambassadors, Diplomats, Embassy officials, Heads of International Development and Trade organizations, Parliamentarians, Media representatives, Academics, and other Civil Society leaders, TDI welcomes in-depth, objective analysis on various topics. From foreign policy and diplomacy to diplomatic relations, country insights, trade, business, technology, sports, culture, cuisine, and impactful ideas, TDI provides a platform for insightful discussions that resonate with a global audience.


Write for Us

Submissions to The Diplomatic Insight are invited in a broad array of subject areas. These include International Relations, Diplomacy and Foreign Policy, Conflict and Peace Studies, International Political Economy, International Law, Global Governance, Security Studies, International Organizations, International Trade and Development, Human Rights and Humanitarian Intervention, Environmental Politics, Migration and Refugees, Regional Studies (such as European Studies, Asian Studies, American Studies, African Studies), Globalization and Culture, Gender and International Relations, and Terrorism and Counterterrorism.

We welcome contributions that offer original insights, critical analyses, innovative perspectives on these subjects, and their intersections with broader social science disciplines.

To ensure consistency and quality across all content, we have established the following guidelines for authors:

    • All submissions should be relevant to the theme or focus of our website. Please review our website’s content to familiarize yourself with our areas of interest before submitting your work.
    • We accept original, unpublished submissions and do not allow simultaneous submissions to other outlets. Authors must disclose if their work is under consideration elsewhere.
    • Plagiarism is strictly prohibited, including using others’ work without proper attribution and AI-generated content without disclosure and integration with the author’s contribution. We encourage you to consult the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s plagiarism guidelines
    • Articles should be appropriate to convey your message effectively without unnecessary verbosity. We prefer articles between 800 and 1000 words for opinion pieces, while the ideal length ranges from 1200 to 1500 words for featured articles.
    • Articles must be written in English; submissions in other languages will not be accepted. The content should be devoid of grammatical errors and easy to comprehend, with concise sentences for optimal readability.
    • The article’s title should be captivating and indicative of its content. It should provide readers with a clear understanding and motivate them to delve further. Use headings and subheadings to segment your article and enhance readability.
    • Authors must refrain from using overly biased language and be mindful of cultural sensitivities. They must strive for objectivity by presenting balanced arguments with supporting evidence.
    • To promote transparency and enable readers to authenticate information, embed hyperlinks to all external sources within the text. This facilitates easy access to the source material, improving reader involvement and validation.
    • Cite sources directly within the text using hyperlinks only. In-text citations, footnotes, or endnotes are not required.
    • If you include images, videos, or other multimedia elements, ensure you have the rights or permissions to use them. Provide proper attribution where required.
    • Please submit your file in Microsoft Word format. Include a brief author bio (50-100 words) and any relevant affiliations or credentials.
    • All submissions undergo review by our editorial team. We typically notify authors of the submission status within 3-5 business days. If you do not receive an update within this timeframe, please feel free to submit your work elsewhere.
    • Authors may be asked to make revisions or edits to their submissions based on feedback from the editorial team. We appreciate your cooperation in this regard.
    • Editors retain the authority to approve or decline your submission and edit it for enhanced clarity and readability.
  • Resources for Op-Ed and Column Writing

    Here are some valuable online resources to help you enhance your op-ed and column-writing skills:

    1. The Op-Ed Project
      Visit The Op-Ed Project to access a wealth of information designed to improve your op-ed writing. This site offers writing tips, basic structure suggestions, pitching guidelines, and details about top op-ed publications. Originally aimed at increasing the number of women op-ed writers, The Op-Ed Project also conducts daylong seminars nationwide.
    2. How to Write an Op-Ed Article
      This guide, prepared by David Jarmul, Duke’s Associate Vice President for News and Communications, provides comprehensive advice on crafting successful op-eds. It can be found at Duke’s News and Communications Resources.
    3. How to Write Op-Ed Columns
      This guide, created by The Earth Institute at Columbia University, offers practical insights into op-ed writing and includes guidelines for top U.S. newspapers. Access it here.
    4. And Now a Word from Op-Ed
      This article by the Op-Ed editor of The New York Times provides expert advice on conceptualizing and writing op-eds. Read it at The New York Times.
    5. Harvard Kennedy School Communications Program
      The Harvard Kennedy School offers workshops and classes on writing op-eds and columns. Their Communications Program website has more information.

If you have any questions, you can reach out to us.

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