Strategic Communications

Diplomatic Insight offers the following services:

  • Cultural training and relationship-building programs help diplomats navigate cultural differences and build stronger relationships with foreign counterparts.
  • Country-specific news and analysis platform to keep diplomats informed of political and economic developments in their host countries.
  • Cultural and political analysis services provide in-depth analysis of the host country and region, helping diplomats to more effectively balance the needs and interests of their home country with those of the host country and the international community.
  • On-demand emergency response and crisis management training program for diplomats to help them handle crises.
  • Media Monitoring Services for the diplomats and Ambassadors to Keep abreast of current events and developments in the host country and region: by monitoring national and foreign media, diplomats and ambassadors can stay up-to-date on significant political, economic, and cultural developments in their host country and the broader region. TDI offers Daily Media Monitoring Services in both English and Urdu to help the embassy to save time. They will add value to your work and decision-making capabilities by enabling you to receive regular, precise updates from the media landscape in Pakistan.
  • Content partnerships
  • On Demand Exclusive Research
  • Strategic, Political, and Economic Risk Analysis
  • Translations,  Editing, and Proofreading

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Public Diplomacy Events

  • Business, Education, and Tourism (BET) Seminars

Series Country Promotion Seminars, Conferences, Exhibitions, and Events:

To promote Pakistan’s bilateral and multilateral relations at the global scale through strong people-to-people engagement and awareness, TDI and IPDS have initiated the “Business, Education and Tourism (BET)” Webinar Series with ambassadors of Pakistan to different countries and various countries’ Ambassadors in Pakistan.

The Ambassadors join the Webinar from the comfort of their offices to share important information and knowledge with an audience that includes students, faculty members, business groups and leaders, journalists, and other members of civil society from both countries.

Ambassadors also respond to the questions after the presentations and insights from the audience. Conferences

  • Exhibitions
  • Events
  • Including Book Launches and Press and Media Promotions over the years since our inception.
  • DiploTV-

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