Islamabad, 8 June 2023 (TDI): The Ambassador of Kazakhstan, Yerzhan Kistafin, met with Major General Muhammad Aneeq Ur Rehman Malik HI (M), Director General of the Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) of Pakistan, to explore avenues of collaboration in the fight against illicit drug trafficking and transborder organized crime.

During the meeting, Envoy Kistafin and DG Malik engaged in in-depth discussions regarding drug trafficking and the importance of international cooperation in tackling this menace.

They recognized the need for joint efforts and the sharing of expertise, resources, and intelligence to combat the transnational challenges of drug trafficking and organized crime.

Both officials acknowledged the significant role that drug trafficking plays in fueling criminal activities, destabilizing societies, and undermining public health and security.

They emphasized the urgency of adopting a comprehensive approach to address this complex issue involving intelligence sharing, capacity building, and operational coordination among relevant law enforcement agencies.

Ambassador Kistafin commended Pakistan’s efforts in combating narcotics and appreciated the critical role played by the Anti-Narcotics Force in safeguarding the region against drug trafficking and related crimes.

He highlighted Kazakhstan’s intention of expanding bilateral cooperation by sharing best practices to bolster both countries’ capabilities in combatting drug trafficking and organized crime.

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DG Malik expressed gratitude for Kazakhstan’s support. He underlined the essence of regional collaboration in countering the illicit drug trade. He highlighted the ANF’s commitment to pursuing a comprehensive and result-oriented strategy and welcomed Kazakhstan’s expertise and assistance in this critical area.

The meeting concluded with both countries’ representatives expressing their determination to deepen collaboration through joint initiatives, exchange programs, and regular consultations.

They agreed to establish a framework for cooperation that encompasses intelligence sharing, capacity building, technical assistance, and joint operations to dismantle drug trafficking networks and disrupt the illicit drug trade.

The strengthening of ties between Kazakhstan and Pakistan in the struggle against drug trafficking and international organized crime would be supported by this meeting. The region’s stability, security, well-being, and more will benefit from both countries’ joint devotion to battling this global threat.