Berlin, 17 June 2023 (TDI): Ambassador Dr. Mohammad Faisal, along with the officers and staff of the Embassy of Pakistan in Berlin, hosted a heartwarming welcome reception at the Pakistan House for the Pakistani squad participating in the Special Olympics World Games 2023.

The delegation, consisting of 54 male and 33 female athletes, coaches, and support officials, was greeted with enthusiasm and encouragement by prominent community members.

The Pakistani differently-abled athletes will compete in 11 different sports, including athletics, badminton, basketball, bocce, cycling, Futsal, hockey, powerlifting, swimming, tennis, and table tennis.

Ambassador Dr. Mohammad Faisal expressed his enormous delight in witnessing the athletes with shining eyes, hopeful spirits, and a specific desire to represent Pakistan globally.

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During his welcome remarks, Envoy Faisal extended his congratulations to the team management, Ronak Lakhani, Yasmin Hyder, and all the coaches and affiliated personnel who have provided the athletes with the necessary training and instilled in them the ambition to raise the Pakistani flag high.

He emphasized this was a proud moment for the country and a tribute to the resilience and fortitude of the gifted athletes.

Ambassador Faisal assured the Special Olympics team of the Embassy’s unwavering support during their stay in Berlin. He reiterated the commitment to provide them with every possible assistance to ensure their success in the competition.

He concluded his remarks by expressing his faith in the athletes’ potential to make Pakistan proud, regardless of whether they win medals, stating, “You are our pride, and you have already achieved greatness by reaching this point. May Allah bless you with success. Pakistan Zindabad!”

The Pakistani Special Olympics team’s presence at this significant tournament represents a momentous occasion for the country.

Ronak Lakhani, Chairperson of the Pakistani Special Olympics World Games 2023, expressed gratitude for the warm welcome and support from the Embassy and the community. She stated that the team is committed to doing its best and bringing honor to Pakistan internationally.

The Special Olympics are the pinnacle of sports diplomacy, which is a potent instrument that can bridge gaps between nations, languages, and cultures. The event exhibits the enormous power of sports to develop solidarity and promote acceptance by bringing together participants from every society and capability.

Athletes inspire us all by illustrating that no challenge is insurmountable through friendly competition, mutual respect, and shared goals. The Special Olympics not only honors the accomplishments of individual athletes but also provides a global forum for fostering international understanding, dismantling prejudice, and forging alliances.

As the team sets out to compete in the Special Olympics World Games 2023, the nation stands united in wishing them the best of luck and praying for their success. May Allah bless them with victory, and may their hard work and dedication inspire future generations.