Islamabad, 15 June 2023 (TDI): KfW Islamabad, the Financial Cooperation of Germany with Pakistan, and the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) have announced a significant agreement of €27 million to assist in offering essential assistance to roughly 9 million people in Pakistan impacted by the disastrous floods.

The pact is a crucial development in the enduring relationship between Pakistan and Germany since it encompasses significant ground in health, nutrition, and climate adaptation.

Representatives from KfW Islamabad, BISP, and senior government officials signed the agreement in Islamabad. The session served as a forum for discussions regarding the effective execution of relief operations and the subsequent monitoring of programs to ensure transparency and accountability.

The €27 million agreement between Germany and Pakistan underscores the commitment of KfW Islamabad and BISP to address the immediate needs of the flood affectees, recognizing the urgency to restore stability and resilience in the affected communities.

Most of the funds, amounting to €20 million, will be dedicated to essential relief efforts focused on health and nutrition. This allocation will ensure that those impacted by the floods receive necessary medical care and access to nutritious food to alleviate their suffering and aid in their recovery.

Furthermore, €7 million of the total amount has been explicitly designated for implementing climate-adaptive strategies. This allocation highlights KfW Islamabad and BISP’s collaborative efforts to build resilience and adaptability within the affected regions recognizing the long-term challenges climate change faces.

These climate-adaptive solutions will assist communities in mitigating the effect of future floods and improving their ability to weather and recover from such calamities.

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The partnership between KfW Islamabad and BISP symbolizes the strong bond of friendship and cooperation between Pakistan and Germany. Both organizations remain committed to working collaboratively to provide sustainable solutions and support to the most vulnerable communities in Pakistan.

This agreement exemplifies their shared vision of fostering socio-economic development and promoting long-term stability in the region.

The Government of Pakistan and BISP express their gratitude to the German government for its generous contribution and unwavering support, enabling this binding agreement to come to fruition. This collaboration strengthens the bilateral ties between Germany and Pakistan and serves as a shining example of international solidarity in times of need.