Paris, 8 June 2023 (TDI): Mauro Vieira, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Brazil, visited France on Tuesday. French Foreign and European Affairs Minister Catherine Colonna received Mauro Vieira at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the Quai d’Orsay.

The meeting covered a range of pressing issues. These included defense and the environment.

Additionally, the discussions focused on the MERCOSUR-EU agreement, the Amazon countries summit, and the upcoming COP-30 conference scheduled to take place in Brazil.

Discussions also focused on the ongoing war in Ukraine, the situation in Venezuela, as well as the conflicts in Sudan and Haiti.

The two ministers highlighted the good relations that exist between France and Brazil, which are Strategic and Historical Partners associated with a common border. They also considered the current bilateral and multilateral challenges.

Both ministers delved into the crucial matter of defense cooperation, emphasizing the significance of fostering mutual support and collaboration in this realm. They explored avenues to enhance strategic partnerships and ensure regional security and stability.

Environmental concerns took center stage as the ministers discussed the urgent need to address global challenges such as climate change and environmental sustainability.

The forthcoming Amazon countries summit and COP-30 conference are slated to be hosted by Brazil. These platforms were highlighted as crucial for international cooperation and dialogue on environmental issues.

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The MERCOSUR-EU agreement, a pivotal development in the realm of international trade, was also a key focus of the discussions. The ministers deliberated on the potential benefits of the agreement. Their aim was to deepen economic integration and promote prosperity for both regions.

Considering the situation in Venezuela, the ministers expressed their profound concern. They stressed the need to find a negotiated, democratic resolution to this crisis.

Both sides acknowledged the conflicts in Sudan and Haiti as humanitarian crises demanding urgent attention.

During the meeting, Minister Catherine Colonna highlighted President Emmanuel Macron’s keen interest. He expressed a desire to hold a meeting with President Lula on the sidelines of the summit.

The ministers discussed the Summit on a new fiscal pact, which will take place in Paris on June 22 and 23 and which will strengthen support for countries the most vulnerable

Anticipated influential leaders will gather for the summit on a new global financing pact. The stakeholders from around the world address critical financial challenges and seek innovative solutions.

It serves as a platform for collaborative efforts toward global economic stability, sustainable development, and poverty eradication.

Minister Mauro Vieira also made a courtesy visit to Mathias Cormann, the Secretary-General of OECD.

Secretary-General Cormann emphasized the importance of successfully conducting Brazil’s accession process to the organization. The process was launched in 2022, and he expressed his keen interest in visiting Brazil this year.

The Brazilian minister also received an invitation to the newly launched OECD Climate Change Forum. The General Secretariat believes that Brazil’s experience with fighting climate change will greatly help the work of the forum.