Pakistan, 5 June 2023(TDI): In Oslo, Minister of State Hina Rabbani Khar had a productive meeting with the top executives of prominent Norwegian companies, Scatec, Jotun, and Norhydro, who are actively engaged in business operations within Pakistan.

The Ministry of State expressed gratitude for their investments in Pakistan and provided reassurances of the government’s commitment to facilitating their endeavors.


In particular, Norway has expressed interest in investing in Pakistani businesses in the energy, infrastructure, renewable energy, oil and gas, information technology, and agricultural sectors.

In Pakistan’s energy sector, particularly in renewable energy initiatives like solar and wind power, Norwegian businesses have invested. Companies like Scatec and Jotun have been working to create solar power facilities and look into the potential for wind energy in the nation.

Another area of interest to Norwegian companies is infrastructure development. They have worked on numerous transportation-related projects, including those involving ports, roadways, and logistics. These investments are meant to increase trade and economic growth, as well as connectivity.

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Collaborations and investments in Pakistan have also resulted from Norway’s experience in the oil and gas industry. Norwegian businesses have contributed technological innovations and industry knowledge to the exploration and production of oil and gas.

Norwegian investors are interested in the agricultural and Agro business sectors. Norwegian businesses have looked into prospects in industries like farming, food processing, and agricultural technology due to Pakistan’s enormous agricultural potential.

The Pakistani government has implemented a comprehensive framework consisting of policies and initiatives aimed at facilitating and fostering commercial investments within the country.

These measures are designed to enhance the ease of doing business and offer attractive incentives to potential investors.

Norway and Pakistan have fostered strong bilateral trade agreements and established dedicated business forums, reflecting their shared commitment to strengthening economic cooperation and expanding investment opportunities.

For the most up-to-date and detailed information on Norway’s current commercial investments in Pakistan, it is recommended to refer to reports from reputable investment promotion organizations and reliable business news sources.

Interested parties can benefit from reaching out to the Norwegian-Pakistani Business Council or contacting the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Islamabad.

These valuable resources can provide Norwegian enterprises with the latest insights on investment trends, ongoing projects, and emerging investment prospects in Pakistan.