Islamabad, 18 July 2023 (TDI): H.E. Farzana Zahir, the High Commissioner of Maldives to Pakistan, called on the Foreign Secretary of Pakistan Asad Majeed Khan to bid her farewell.

The Foreign Secretary recognized the High Commissioner’s efforts to foster bilateral cooperation between the Maldives and Pakistan across various critical domains.

Pakistan-Maldives enhanced collaboration under HC Zahir

High Commissioner Farzana Zahir has vigilantly worked to deepen the ties between the two countries throughout her term, making a lasting impression on their bilateral relations.

Her dedication and commitment have been instrumental in fostering relationships and improving understanding between the two parties.

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Under her leadership, political cooperation between the two nations has advanced significantly, strengthening their bonds through discussions and interactions.

The two countries now have more opportunities for trade and investment as a result of the economic engagement’s success.

The focus on education by High Commissioner Zahir has promoted academic collaboration between Pakistan and the Maldives. It has facilitated student exchanges and academic programs that have improved the educational opportunities for youth in both countries.

In addition, her tireless efforts to advance tourism have improved cross-cultural interactions by attracting investors in the tourism industry from Pakistan to the Maldives.

Foreign Secretary expressed his appreciation for High Commissioner Zahir’s exceptional diplomatic skills. It has greatly contributed to the growth and consolidation of the partnership between the Maldives and Pakistan.

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The successful tenure of Farzana Zahir has come to an end, but the friendship-based and goal-oriented bilateral ties between both countries will continue.

The Pakistan-Maldives relationship is built on strong bilateral policies that is fostering cooperation in various sectors. Both nations prioritize political dialogue, economic collaboration, educational exchanges, tourism and cultural ties.