Niamey, 10 December 2021 (TDI): United States Secretary Antony J. Blinken spoke with President Mohamed Bazoum of Niger, to reaffirm the importance of US-Niger cooperation of shared interests.

Both officials met virtually and discussed US-Niger cooperation in advancing democracy in the Sahel and the region of West Africa. Blinken and President Bazoum also tackled the need to cooperate with African institutions.

Firstly, the US and Niger want to encourage the respect of political pluralism and democratic transitions in the region. Secondly, the US and Niger, want to collaborate in fighting corruption. Thirdly, the US supports the work of Niger in the UN peacekeeping mission in Mali, the Multinational Joint Task  Force, and the D-ISIS coalition.

US and Niger relations 

The United States of America and the Republic of Niger established diplomatic relations in 1960. The relationship started after the independence of Niger from France. Moreover, the relationship between the two has generally been close and friendly.

Both countries work closely, on maintaining regional peace and security. Indeed, Niger is located in an area where instability persists, such as the Sahel region, terrorism of Boko Haram, and the threat of democracy in the region. Moreover, the US  work in assistance to Niger, it helps them to preserve stability, fight food insecurity and regional instability.

Furthermore, the US works in the field of the economy with Niger, both have signed a bilateral investment agreement. Due to the rough climate of Niger the US export to Niger, rice, vehicles, food-preparation goods, machinery, fats, and oils. Niger for its part it exports to the US uranium.

In regard to bilateral representation, the Republic of Niger has its embassy in Washington D.C and the United States has its embassy in Niamey capital of niger. Both parties also interact at a multilateral level, in the United Nations(UN), in the International Monetary fund(IMF), the World Bank, and the World Trade Organization (WTO).