Port of Spain, 17 August 2022 (TDI): The Minister of National Security and International Affairs of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Fitzgerald Hinds, met the Ambassador of the United States in Trinidad and Tobago, Shante Moore, on Tuesday.

The officials discussed counter-trafficking issues during the meeting.

Apart from discussing the counter-trafficking efforts, the officials endorsed mutual security engagements and defense cooperation.

Other officials also joined the meeting, including the Deputy Director of the Counter trafficking unit of Trinidad and Tobago. The Ministry of National Security and International Affairs coordinators were also present at the meeting.

Counter Trafficking Unit 

The government of Trinidad and Tobago has worked closely with the country’s Counter Trafficking Unit (CTU).

For this reason, the government of Trinidad and Tobago has maintained its ranking as per the Trafficking in Persons (TIPs) report 2019.

The trafficking unit has initiated investigations and established an intelligence task force to combat such illegal practices in the country.

Furthermore, the CTU has guaranteed the protection of child victims. The Ministry of National Security has expanded its victim’s services. Moreover, the Ministry has further ensured the investigation, prosecution, and conviction of traffickers.

Other Agencies

Along with CTU, other national agencies also coordinate in partnership. This has generated mutual efforts to increase public awareness regarding human trafficking.

Moreover, NGOs and civil societies take part in the reduction of such cases. The department’s continued efforts have maintained its 2 rankings.

Additionally, the most advanced and quick responses have made its functioning more reliable and effective. The 2021 TIP Report shows that the region is making significant efforts to eliminate trafficking.

Recommendations by the US

The US Department of the State has recommended a formal protocol for victims and the formation of a committee for victim care.

The Department also suggested the presence of a trained law enforcement team must proactively ensure victim support.