Tehran, 3 June 2022 (TDI): In a meeting with a group of people from various sections of East Azerbaijan on Thursday afternoon, the Iranian President, Ayatollah Dr. Syed Ibrahim Raisi described the province as possessing material, mining, industry, and many other qualities.

The President emphasized East Azerbaijan’s culture and civilization as another key potential of the province, saying that East Azerbaijan Iranian and Islamic culture exemplifies self-sacrifice, resistance, morality, spirituality, justice, and rationality.

In another part of his speech, President Raisi emphasized his delight that two years later, Iran has not lost a single day to the Coronavirus.

Whereas 700 Iranian families were suffering daily at the start of the pandemic. President Raisi further expressed his gratitude to “all healthcare workers and those who labor in this field.”

The administration, according to President Raisi, began its operations with two goals in mind; controlling Corona and looking after the lives and economic affairs of the people.

Along these lines, Iran has worked hard to attain many social, economic, and legal goals in other fields. The government proposed a budget of 1401 and is focusing on justice, and at the same time, it is working to overhaul the corrupt and rent-seeking structures.

President Ibrahim Raisi went on to say that “the economy must be rebuilt. Steps to take to achieve social justice. He enunciated that this important meeting, with the participation of Azerbaijani men and women, especially youth and adolescents, was the first gathering in which he participated during the epidemic.

Likewise, the Iranian President said that he hoped the government’s economic reforms will truly chop the hands of the corrupt and murderers. “The people of Azerbaijan, as well as the nation’s beloved youth and victims’ families, are aware of the government’s commitment”.

The President noted that the Iranian nation’s strong support is ideal for conquering the Islamic Revolution’s enemies, adding that the people of Azerbaijan and Iran’s great people overcame the enemy.

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