Santo Domingo, 16 August 2022 (TDI): Dominica observed National Restoration Day, Today. Dominican marked this day as the beginning of their sovereignty.

The country remembered the memory of those who fought for its freedom. President, Luis Abinader acknowledged the efforts made by the nation’s heroes.

Dominican Freedom

Dominica began its war for freedom from 1863 to 1865. The war erupted between Spain and Dominica. The Dominicans remained victorious in the war against Spain and the Republic of Haiti.

Ultimately leading to Dominican victory. The eastern region declared itself independent after 42 years of war.

Dominica History

The Dominican island is 27 miles in length and covered in mountains and rainforests. Moreover, the region is geographically rich and attracts tourists from all over the world.

The weather of the region remains ideal throughout the year, which makes it an ideal tourist destination. The region has also experienced large migrations since its formation.

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The island’s first inhabitants arrived from the South American region. Next came the Arawak’s. After Britain and French invaded the region, the country gained independence in 1978.

The new era brought economic and political challenges. Dominica turned out stable and peaceful state in the 1990s. Further, the island increased its trade in agriculture.

Moreover, the region has African descendants and some Europeans. The indigenous community has covered the eastern region of the island. The people are called Carib Indians.

Furthermore, the island has majorly relied on tourism. The island’s flora and fauna enhanced its beauty and contributed to becoming a tourist’s ultimate vacation spot.


Dominican culture has depicted the combination of European and African cultures combined. The old temples and ancient architecture significantly remind the tribal, traditional culture.

For its formation and preservation, many national heroes have laid their lives. While today on August 16, Dominica observed its 159th anniversary.