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Chinese envoy says CPEC is game-changer for Pakistan


Karachi, 21 December 2021 (TDI): Chinese Consul General in Karachi Li Bijian stated that China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a game-changer for Pakistani development.

Li made these remarks in his interview with a Pakistani news agency. He emphasized that China and Pakistan are all-weather friends. The two countries enjoy 7 decades of fruitful cooperation. He highlighted that the CPEC has further strengthened the friendship between the two states. It has deepened the mutual trust of the two ironclad friends.

China is committed to the growth and development of Pakistan

He pointed out that China has been committed to the growth and development of Pakistan. CPEC is just the continuation of the Chinese efforts to help Pakistan in its social and economic development, he added.

Chinese envoy stressed that CPEC has been a game-changer for the Pakistani economy. It has initiated numerous economic projects in Pakistan. These projects have created thousands of jobs for Pakistani locals. Pakistan will see the fruits of CPEC once it is fully completed.

He stated that under the CPEC project, China has enhanced infrastructure and development projects in Pakistan. He highlighted that China has been investing a lot to improve the transport system of Pakistan. It is modernizing the roads, railways, and ports of Pakistan, he added.

Li pointed out that CPEC has improved the livelihood of the Pakistani people. It has promoted the social and economic growth of Pakistani society. He stressed that CPEC is a part of the Chinese vision of creating a global community based on shared values with a shared future. He stated that China is committed to enhancing cooperation in the world.

Li Bijian is the Chinese Consul General of China in Karachi. He has been working in Karachi for the last two years. He is committed to strengthening the friendship of Pakistan and China. CPEC is a multi-billion dollar economic and social project launched by China in Pakistan. The world has been calling it a game-changer for the economic development of Pakistan.

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