Tokyo, 6 October 2023 (TDI): Yoko Kamikawa, Japan’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, embarked on the second round of her proactive outreach efforts by attending a luncheon hosted by the Council of Arab Ambassadors on October 4.

Ambassador Waleed Ali Siam, the Representative of the Permanent General Mission of Palestine and Dean of the Council of Arab Ambassadors in Japan opened the luncheon.

He expressed his sincere appreciation and gratitude for Japan’s significant role and assistance in fostering relations with the Arab world.

He highlighted the significance of the luncheon taking place just 20 days after Minister Kamikawa’s inauguration and expressed his hope for the continued development of Japan-Arab relations.

In her opening remarks, Minister Kamikawa emphasized the pivotal role that Japan played in the international community & pledged unwavering support to the Arab world during these times of dynamic changes in the Middle East and the global landscape.

She reaffirmed Japan’s commitment to standing alongside its Arab counterparts.
Minister Kamikawa also revealed her plans to promote cooperation with the Arab world under the “three pillars” for future collaboration.

The “three pillars” were proposed by Japan during the Third Japan-Arab Political Dialogue held last month. She further expressed her determination to explore new areas of cooperation, leveraging her own experience and knowledge.

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The discussion also centered on future cooperation in critical areas, including energy security, the Middle East’s potential to become a global supply hub for clean energy & essential minerals & the increased presence of Japanese companies in the Arab market.

Minister Kamikawa emphasized Japan’s continued commitment to contributing to peace and stability in the region, which includes addressing the Palestinian issue.

The luncheon provided a platform for candid discussions on potential collaborations between Japan and Arab countries.

Additionally, the discussions touched on the regional situation, including the Middle East Peace process and refugee issues.

A notable highlight of the luncheon was the participation of the Ambassador of Jordan, the only female Ambassador present, who welcomed the appointment of Japan’s first female Foreign Minister, emphasizing the importance of gender diversity & international collaboration.