Tokyo, 5 October 2023(TDI): Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan, Kamikawa Yoko, engaged in a productive telephone conversation with the United States Trade Representative, Ambassador Katherine Tai to discuss US-Japan trade ties on October 5.

The discussion encompassed a range of important issues and marked a promising step in the US-Japan diplomatic relationship.

During the call, Ambassador Tai conveyed her warm congratulations to Minister Kamikawa on her recent appointment.

In response, Minister Kamikawa expressed her keenness to collaborate closely with Ambassador Tai on various fronts, extending beyond bilateral trade matters.

Both diplomats affirmed their commitment to addressing critical topics such as the economic dynamics in the Indo-Pacific region, cooperative efforts within international organizations like the World Trade Organization (WTO), and the enhancement of economic security.

Notably, Minister Kamikawa emphasized Japan’s unwavering commitment to actively participate in the discussions pertaining to the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity (IPEF).

In response, Ambassador Tai underlined the significance of a collaborative approach between the United States and Japan, acknowledging the need for progress in these negotiations.

In addition to discussions about the IPEF, the two leaders exchanged perspectives on the reform of the WTO and the ongoing Japan-US trade partnership.

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They expressed their mutual intent to work closely in preparation for the upcoming G7 Trade Ministers’ Meeting scheduled for the end of October in Osaka-Sakai.

Importantly, they highlighted that a notable feature of this meeting would be the significant female representation, with four female representatives among all participants.

Minister Kamikawa and Ambassador Tai underscores the strong and enduring partnership between Japan and the United States.

Furthermore, the mutual commitment to addressing global economic challenges and promoting gender diversity in international forums paves the way for enhanced collaboration in the future.