Lima, 6 October 2023 (TDI): The Trade Opportunities Forum between El Salvador and Peru took place in Lima, where El Salvador Foreign Affairs Representative, Adriana Mira participated during her working visit to Peru.

The day’s activities focused on showcasing El Salvador’s export opportunities and highlighting key investment sectors.

The goal was to enhance El Salvador’s current trade relationship with Peru, forging new business partnerships, and attracting investments to El Salvador.

Similarly, information about the favorable business environment and the competitive advantages that make El Salvador an appealing destination for trade and productive ventures was shared.

“This forum provides an exceptional opportunity for sharing expertise and identifying areas where collaboration can be mutually advantageous.

It paves the way for forming new partnerships that enhance our bilateral trade and reinforce our economic ties,” expressed Vice Minister Mira.

To arrange this gathering, which drew the participation of numerous Peruvian entrepreneurs keen on exploring El Salvador’s offers, the Lima Chamber of Commerce (CCL) collaborated with the El Salvadorian Embassy in that city.

“The participation of Salvadoran officials and their ability to generate interest within the Peruvian business community regarding the significant business prospects in El Salvador holds great importance.

It serves to enhance our relationship, engage in collaborative ventures with Salvadoran enterprises, and leverage the synergies that exist between our two markets,” noted Carlos Posada, the institutional director of CCL.

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Additionally, Vice Minister Mira conducted a bilateral meeting with the CCL Director to further explore Trade Opportunities Forum between El Salvador and Peru.

Vice Minister Mira also engaged in discussions with Peru’s Vice Minister of Foreign Trade, Teresa Stella Mera. They deliberated on opportunities, agreements, and strategies aimed at enhancing bilateral economic connections.

Vice Minister Mira concluded her official mission to Peru which was aimed at enhancing bilateral agenda, cooperation, trade, and tourism.