Islamabad, 3 February 2023 (TDI): Faad Waheed, Acting President of the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) met Dr. Ramez Alraee, the Syrian Ambassador to Pakistan, at the ICCI.

During the meeting, he suggested that Pakistan and Syria should concentrate on fostering trade and economic ties.

Since the two are amiable Islamic nations that can complement each other’s economies in many areas, the two ought to increase cooperation in order to achieve mutually beneficial results.

He claimed that although trade between Syria and Pakistan is extremely small, it could be increased by fostering business ties between the two countries private sectors.

The Syrian Ambassador was briefed by Faad Waheed on Pakistan’s key industries and top exportable goods, which can be very advantageous to Syrian consumers.

In this vein, he highlighted the importance of frequent exchange of trade delegations to explore untapped areas of mutual cooperation between the two countries.

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Likewise, he reiterated the commitment of ICCI to work with the Syrian Embassy to improve business and investment relations between Pakistan and Syria.

While Dr. Ramez Alraee, the Syrian Ambassador, said during the event that his nation was eager to promote trade and economic cooperation with Pakistan, which is crucial to lowering unemployment and raising people’s standards of living.

He claimed that Syria and Pakistan have good political ties that should develop into expanding business ties in order to achieve economic benefits for both countries.

Along these lines, he asserted that Pakistan and Syria could collaborate in a wide range of areas, including IT, infrastructure development, and the development of energy.

He also emphasized that a delegation from the ICCI should travel to Syria to look for potential business and investment opportunities, and he pledged that his Embassy would offer them all the assistance and cooperation it could.

Additionally, he expressed his gratitude to Pakistan for standing up for Syria in international forums and reaffirmed his commitment to working to further strengthen the trade and economic ties between the two nations.

In addition, Vice President of the ICCI, Engr. Muhammad Azhar ul Islam Zafar stated that he would lead a delegation to Syria to investigate business partnerships with Syrian counterparts and that Pakistan views Syria as a significant trading partner.

Furthermore, Dr. Muhammad Usman, Parveen Khan Durrani, Mian Shaukat Masud, and others spoke at the event and provided helpful suggestions for enhancing commercial ties between Pakistan and Syria.