Ramallah, 25 March 2024 (TDI): The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates of Palestine released a statement regarding the sanctions, decisions, and restrictions by several countries on Israel.

The sanctions are related to the export of weapons or extremist colonialists who commit attacks against Palestinian citizens, or on companies that deal with Israeli military industries.

Lauding the sanctions, the statement further articulates that such sanctions are unprecedented and hopefully will pave the way for real and practical measures translated into official government decisions like imposing deterrent sanctions on the racist colonial occupation system.

Likewise, sanctions also must pave the way for international positions supporting the accountability and trial of Israeli war criminals as well as the efforts to implement international justice and victory for human rights.

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Palestine also welcomed the movement in some European countries regarding the recognition of the State of Palestine.

It considers it a step in the right direction towards taking an immediate decision on this recognition that will fortify and protect the two-state solution, preserve the opportunity for political solutions to the conflict, and liberate the international will for peace from the clutches of Israeli rejection and blackmail that Netanyahu practices against those countries.

The Ministry also pointed out that history will not be kind to the countries that still stand by the Israeli occupation and justify the continuation of genocide and displacement of Palestinian people.

In this regard, Palestine called on such countries to quickly review and correct their positions to stand on the right side of history and side with international law as well as international humanitarian law.

It is the responsibility of the countries supporting Israel in particular, to exert real pressure on the Israeli government to stop its war, stop targeting civilians, and force it to bring relief aid to them before it is too late.

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