Gaza, 17 March 2024 (TDI): The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates of Palestine has issued a statement emphasizing the urgent need for sustainable aid flow to the Gaza Strip amid the ongoing humanitarian crisis caused by Israel’s genocidal aggression.

While welcoming recent aid efforts, including the arrival of 14 trucks to the northern Strip, the Ministry stressed that these measures are insufficient to address the extensive humanitarian needs of Palestinian civilians in the region.

Palestinian civilians in Gaza are facing dire conditions, including the lack of necessities such as water, medicine, health facilities, and electricity.

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Additionally, families have been forcibly separated due to the displacement caused by Israel’s destructive actions and removal from the population registry.

The Ministry demanded the opening of all crossings and the continuous flow of aid by land, sea, and air to meet the pressing needs of the population.

It emphasized the importance of linking relief efforts to international initiatives aimed at achieving an immediate ceasefire and ending Israeli aggression against Gaza.

This linkage is crucial to prevent aid from being exploited by Israel to prolong the conflict and perpetuate cycles of suffering for Palestinian civilians.

Furthermore, the Ministry called on the UN Security Council to take decisive action by issuing a binding resolution for an immediate ceasefire.

It urged support for mediators’ efforts to secure the release of hostages and prisoners, while also warning against potential Israeli plans to create chaos in the north and expand aggression in Rafah Governorate.

The refusal of Israel, as an occupying power, to implement relevant resolutions and international court orders raises serious concerns about its commitment to protecting Palestinian civilians and fulfilling their basic humanitarian needs.

The Ministry stressed the Security Council’s responsibility to address these issues with the force of international law and called for political solutions to resolve the conflict and achieve security and stability in the region.

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