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President Xi congratulates President Putin on re-election


Beijing, 19 March 2024 (TDI): Chinese President Xi Jinping congratulated President Vladimir Putin on securing another term as the President of Russia.  

President Xi confirmed that China is dedicated to improving cooperation and communication with Russia to strengthen their strategic partnership, as per reports from Chinese state media. 

Xi Jinping pointed out that President Putin’s strong win in Russia’s recent election shows that the Russian people strongly support him.

He expressed confidence in President Putin’s leadership, foreseeing Russia’s continued advancements in national development and construction under his stewardship.  

“Your re-election is a full demonstration of the support of the Russian people for you,” Xi said.  “I believe that under your leadership, Russia will certainly be able to achieve greater achievements in national development and construction”, he added.

Xi Jinping highlighted that in recent times, China and Russia have strengthened their relationship while facing increased attention from the West, especially regarding the situation in Ukraine.  

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The creation of an unrestricted partnership in February 2022 showed both countries’ determination to strengthen their bond.  

President Xi reiterated China’s strong commitment to nurturing the comprehensive strategic partnership with Russia. He emphasized the importance of sustained, healthy, stable, and profound collaboration between the two countries. 

Better Russo-Chinese Relations: 

Preparations are underway for multiple high-level meetings between President Xi and President Putin this year. China and Russia are commemorating the 75th anniversary of diplomatic relations.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lin Jian highlighted the significance of continued exchanges between the two leaders. He underscored the enduring bond between China and Russia. 

In short, Chinese President Xi Jinping congratulate President Vladimir Putin on securing another term as Russia’s President. He affirms China’s commitment to strengthening their strategic partnership through enhanced cooperation and communication. 

President Xi Jinping also emphasized the deepening relationship between China and Russia. 


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