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President Zelensky calls for support following Russian missile strike


Kyiv, 17 April 2024 (TDI): President Zelensky calls for support following Russian missile strike in Chernihiv. He talked about a serious situation in Chernihiv in his tweet. A Russian missile hit the area, causing widespread damage.

Rescue teams are working hard to save people trapped under debris. Sadly, 20 people are injured and 10 have died. President Zelensky expressed deep sympathy for the families affected.

He warned that the death toll could rise. Ukraine needs better air defense systems. The world must show more determination to stop Russian attacks.

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“Terrorists thrive on fear,” President Zelensky said. He stressed the importance of standing strong. He added that Ukraine is determined, but it needs strong support from other countries.

President Zelensky Urges International Support

The missile strike in Chernihiv shows the urgent need for international help. President Zelensky called for more support to prevent future tragedies. He urged world leaders to provide better air defense for Ukraine. This would save lives and deter Russian aggression.

“We cannot ignore the threat of terrorism,” President Zelensky stated. He emphasized Ukraine’s determination. But support from partners is crucial.

The events in Chernihiv highlight ongoing security challenges. President Zelensky’s call for help is a plea for unity against terrorism and aggression.

Rescue efforts continue in Chernihiv. President Zelensky stressed the need for global cooperation to address the causes of violence. “The world must condemn terrorism,” President Zelensky declared.  Fear should not dictate our response. Now is the time for action and support.

President Zelensky’s urgent appeal shows the need for international unity. The tragedy in Chernihiv reminds us of the human cost of conflict.

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