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US intends to impose sanctions on Iran in coming days


Washington, 17 April 2024 (TDI): The US intends to impose new sanctions on Iran in the coming days, Secretary Yellen said on 16 April 2024 because of a retaliatory attack of Iran on Israel. The US will try to reduce Iran’s capability to do oil trading.

These Sanctions were the result of Iran’s attack on Israel’s territory with 300 nuclear weapons including missiles and drones. US President Biden refused to support Israel on a strike against Iran but they used financial sanctions to isolate Iran.  

National Security Advisor Sullivan said, the US will impose sanctions on Iran nuclear weapons like missiles and drones and expect from their allies as well.

Moreover, he said, “These new sanctions and other measures will continue a steady drumbeat of pressure to contain and degrade Iran’s military capacity and effectiveness and confront the full range of its problematic behaviors.”

According to reports, the Department of Treasure worked with G7 countries to deteriorate the ability of continuous export of oil. And erode microelectronics required for drones used against Israel and exported to Russia.

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Secretary Janet Yellen said, “With respect to sanctions, I fully expect that we will take additional sanctions action against Iran in the coming days,” during her economic meeting with the IMF and World Bank.

Further, Secretary Yellen addressed that, “We don’t preview our sanctions tools. But in discussions I’ve had, all options to disrupt terrorist financing of Iran continue to be on the table. And the US will comprise Iran’s “destabilizing” conduct by decreasing its capacity to export oil”

In addition, “Clearly, Iran is continuing to export some oil. There may be more that we could do. I don’t want to preview our actual sanctions activities, but certainly, that remains in focus as a possible area that we could address,” Secretary Yellen added.

Secretary Janet Yellen declared that Iran’s attack on Israel and support of militant groups in Gaza, Lebanon, Yemen, etc. will threaten peace in the Middle East.

In response to this Yellen said, “The US will use financial sanctions to isolate Iran and decrease its support toward Russia.”

Further, Secretary Yellen said, “The U.S. would use sanctions, and work with allies, to keep disrupting Iran’s malign and destabilizing activity.”

Lastly, Secretary Yellen summed up, “Washington, all options to disrupt Iran’s “terrorist financing” were on the table.”

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