Transnational Diplomacy Internship



A daily writing habit ✍
A clearer, calmer mind 
Confidence in your abilities
Your work published online 📄
A foundation for months of future writing
New digital product ideas & monetization opportunities 💲
An entirely new understanding of what is possible online 💻
The frameworks, skills, and techniques to master the art of digital writing

Improve every area of your life
Build lifelong friendships with likeminded people
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Do you want to join the influential international elite making an impact through engagement with tech-driven outreach?

Do you want your write-ups, research analysis, digital content, and opinion to be recognized globally?

Do you want to have hands-on experience in Diplomacy, Communications, International Relations, and International Trade?

Do you want to begin earning as a digital content creator and copywriter with your degree and background in international relations and diplomacy?

Would you like to know how to earn with your degree?

Have no resources? Are a Fresh Graduate!

Don’t worry! You are at the right place!!

Let us take you on an enlightening expedition to the next level of foreign policy and diplomacy engagement where there is guaranteed recognition.

** This program is not for you if you have NO interest in writing and research. 
The Diplomatic Insight and the Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies is offering young International Relations, Diplomacy, Foreign Policy, Media, Communications, Peace and Conflict Studies, International Law, International Trade, Economics, Development graduates and undergraduates FROM ANYWHERE ACROSS THE WORLD a platinum chance to experience diplomacy like never before.

This three months ONLINE TRANSNATIONAL INTERNSHIP-FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM will enable you to publish your work under your name for an exclusive portfolio and introduce you to the global diplomatic arena.

Learn how foreign policy and diplomacy are done and how the entire process works, and engage with relevant stakeholders, ambassadors, and diplomats at this unique multinational platform.

A place where you all will be welcomed and appreciated by top-tier diplomats, International Relations scholars, and officials from across the globe!!

Sounds amazing? Doesn’t it?

So what is stopping you to change your life forever!!

What’s it all about?

Designed as a process, this ONLINE program is a unique opportunity for

  • International Relations
  • Diplomacy, Foreign Policy
  • Media
  • Communications
  • Peace and Conflict Studies
  • International Law
  • International Trade
  • Economics
  • And Development graduates, to learn new techniques of writing, research, and content creation through digital medium and the latest methods.

This leads you to begin earning at the end of your time here!

You will join as a contributor at the start and can also reach an editorial position with an intense opportunity to publish and reach out to a global audience.

This program will revolutionize your perspective of how diplomacy functions with the latest and tech-driven program.

This is a tech-driven multinational intense writing, research, and diplomacy program that will improve your communications to a pro-level.

This program is for students from across the globe especially those who want to build their careers in diplomacy and communications.

The experience is highly competitive and offers a multinational space with regular recognition and engagement from the Ambassadors and diplomats.

This program requires you to have excellent English writing skills and a love for research and content creation.

Along with it, we will polish your writing and editing skills to a level that in the end, you will find yourself capable of generating your kitchen income.

Want to Know More About this unique program? Let’s hear it from our Research Fellows 

I’ve no words to explain the greatness of TDI and IPDS. To be honest, I have never witnessed such an impressive platform that schools you about the modern era writing and allows you to publish them under your name. I’ve always struggled with my professional writing and editing and had no clue to survive in the digital writing market. 

But, some months back, a friend of mine introduced me to TDI and IPDS. First, I hesitated, and then I thanked God. They have one of the most professional teams and trainers experienced in modern era diplomacy, International law, and International Relations. My writing has improved, my growth is second to none, and the icing on the cake is that they know well how to utilize my work to get more recognition for me.

I can bet my life that there is no better internship program, save the TDI and IPDS.”


“This Internship Program has helped me restore all my writing abilities and gather around some brilliant ideas to survive in the international arena through peace and diplomacy. Likewise, the recognition and the experience I got from this platform is unmatched.”

Mehwish Ashraf, Lahore, Pakistan

Hear exciting views from our amazing Fellow from Peru has to say.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive internship program that can help you understand the subtle nuances of the international arena and diplomacy, then trust me, TDI is the perfect place to be. My experience with this program has been super impressive.”

ZUBEDA ANJUM NIAZI, Karachi, Pakistan

To know more about this amazing life-changing training program hear what our amazing Fellow from Spain has to say.

Our Research Fellow from the Philippines also shares his experience!!

We know you want to know more. Don’t you?

So, read what our brilliant editor  ALINA WAJID, Islamabad, Pakistan has to say

 I joined the IPDS and The Diplomatic Insight (TDI) team and concluded successfully. I am beyond grateful for the appreciation and learning experience I gained during the program. The outstanding work environment has helped polish my abilities.  

The three-month program at IPDS and TDI helped me in the following areas; time management, teamwork; profound experience of editorship, leading regional desks and working on social media postings, considerable improvement in ‘research’ skills, and finally learning how to write content with SEO awareness.  

Moreover, the best part is that one receives instant global recognition for hard work. The embassies, ministries, and leaders across the globe acknowledge our work in the form of views, likes, and retweets via social media platforms. Such responses boost our spirits and encourage us to keep striving for the better.

In this regard, I’d like to mention the latest personal experience_ it’s about the priceless feeling I got when my Press Release was liked by the United States Embassy in Riga and the Foreign Ministry of Latvia on Twitter.

Therefore, considering the extensive acknowledgment and learning experience I gained while working for the Institute, I would like to recommend every aspirant of Diplomacy, International Relations, Media, etc. to join this program which they surely won’t regret in the long run.

This is because the institute provides a full package of market-competitive skills essential for both the practical and digital world, accompanied by the brilliant supervision of Ma’am Farhat Asif and a highly professional editorial team.

Frequently Asked Questions:
How can I apply?

Simply send your resume, expression of interest, and send us a fresh draft of a Press Release (information report) of any International Relations, Diplomacy, Business, Public Policy,  Trade, INGO related events that have happened recently. PR should be 300 words.

DO NOT COPY OR PASTE. WRITE ON YOUR OWN. Once you do that, then our HR team will decide about offering you an internship at The Diplomatic Insight and Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies.

If we find out that you have copy-pasted from somewhere, this will automatically disqualify you for this internship.

Email these details at

You will receive an instant reply and then follow instructions. You need to be clear if you can spare three months for this internship program.

We often ask people to think twice before joining the program. Read carefully and then apply.

What is the duration of the program?

This fellowship has been divided into two sections

  • Three months for undergrad and graduates
  • Six months for the early career professionals
What is in the program?

First, this is an online program. You can join this anywhere from across the world. Through tech-driven methods, this is the next level of co-working space.

Secondly, this is NOT a lecture series but an intense writing practice program. You will be asked to be part of different international desks established to write about various international relations, foreign policy, and economic trends.

Thirdly, our desks are Americas, Europe, Eurasia, South Asia, Africa, China and ASEAN, INGOs, MoFA, and International Trade desk. We also encourage graduates from these regions to join the program and apply.

You have the chance to work on diverse projects with people from across the globe.
The internship also allows you to write and publish for
– Research Projects
– Policy Briefs and Issue Analysis
– Regular Articles and Policy Briefs on international issues
We have recently launched “Diplo TV” a unique Youtube Channel and looking for people who can work on our projects too and learn at the same time.
What is the timing and date to join?

The moment you will get approval from our HR department and link to join. The clock begins to tick and your time with us starts.

Timings schedule is made keeping in view different global time zones.

Monday-Saturday:  (9 am- 2pm, 2pm- 7pm, 7pm- 11pm and 11pm- 9 am);

This time is scheduled keeping in view the Islamabad local time.

How I am connected and how does this entire thing work?

We all are connected in a specially designed digital space where everyone is connected and we work together in a brilliant learning environment.

What skills are required for this program?

We are looking for someone who is passionate to write about contemporary international relations and diplomacy in the English language. You need to have a laptop and access to the internet. Secondly, you need to have an attitude and aptitude to change your life for the better.

IF YOU HAVE NO INTEREST IN WRITING, RESEARCH, OR EDITING and you are busy with any other job/exams and University, then  THIS FELLOWSHIP IS NOT FOR YOU!

Can I do a job with this program?

This program is intense writing practice and you should not be doing any other job with this program or activity that requires your full attention. This program will equip you to begin earning much more than any other job provided that you do it with your dedication and full energy.

Do I have to pay the fee?

This is free for everyone. 

This is also unpaid.

Will I get a certificate/letter at the end?

Yes, you will be provided with a letter of completion at the end. The institutions will only offer letters once you complete the three months duration of the program.

For bright ones, there is a chance for employment at the institute and recommendations for other higher-level organizations too

Please remember that this internship is not for you if;

  • You have exams
  • You have a full-time job
  • You have poor English, both written and spoken
  • You have no interest in research or reading
  • You’re not willing to put the required effort
  • You’re looking for shortcuts

If you relate with any one of these… it might be a good decision to explore other skills, especially Freelancing skills.



Now compose your email and send your resume by using this form or email at and follow the instructions
Before applying, read about us here