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US won’t join Israeli counter-strike against Iran, says President Biden


Washington, 15 April 2024 (TDI): US President Joe Biden tells Prime Minister Netanyahu that the US will not join the Israeli counter-strike against Iran on 13 April 2024.

Iran did a retaliatory attack on Israel With hundreds of missiles and drones in response to an Israeli attack on Iran’s embassy in Damascus. As a result of this 5 Iranian officials were killed by the Israel attack.

According to reports, President Biden said, “Israel had demonstrated a remarkable capacity to defend against and defeat even unprecedented attacks.”

“We believe Israel has freedom of action to protect itself and defend itself, in Syria or elsewhere… That’s a long-standing policy and that remains, but no we would not envision ourselves participating in such a thing,” a US official said.

White House advisor John Kirby said “This Week” that the “United States will continue to help Israel defend itself, but does not want war with Iran.”

Furthermore, regarding the question of whether the US would support Israel in a counter-strike against Iran, He said, “Our commitment is ironclad to defending Israel and to helping Israel defend itself.”

In addition, Kirby said, “And as the president has said many times, we don’t seek a wider war in the region. We don’t seek a war with Iran. And I think I will leave it at that.”

Lastly, Kirby said, “We don’t seek escalated tensions in the region. We don’t seek a wider conflict.”

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Iran General Mohammad Bagheri warned that, “our response will be much larger than tonight’s military action if Israel retaliates against Iran” and told Washington its bases could also be attacked if it helped Israel retaliate.”

Additionally, Iran’s Foreign Minister Abdollahian said, “Tehran had informed the US its attack on Israel would be “limited” and for self-defense and that regional neighbors had also been informed of its planned strikes 72 hours in advance.”

Iraq, Turkey, and Jordan officials said, Iran informed us about their retaliatory attack on Israel. US officials said Iran didn’t inform Washington about that and “was aiming to caG7 issued a statement condemning Iran’s attack on Israel, calling for peace and security in the Middle East, and warning Tehran of the risks “an uncontrollable regional escalation”.

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