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US imposes sanctions on Israeli group over Gaza aid attack


Washington, 15 June 2024 (TDI): US President Biden’s administration imposed sanctions on an Israeli group on 14 June 2024 for attacking humanitarian aid convoys bound for starving civilians in Gaza.

According to reports, “The sanctions target Tsav 9, a group with ties to Israeli army reservists and Jewish settlers in the Israeli-occupied West Bank over activities including blocking, harassing, and damaging aid shipment.”

Israel has continued its aggression since October 7. As a result of this aggression, 37,000 People have died and Palestine has been desperately in need of aid as people suffer from Famine and hunger.

Moreover, Israel has been accused many times of attacking humanitarian aid and blocking aid, but Israel denied all those times.

Israel’s right-wing element denied the three-phase proposal led by the Biden administration which aimed to maintain a ceasefire between Israel and Palestine.

According to the report, “The financial sanctions will be imposed under an executive order on West Bank violence Biden signed in February, which was previously used to impose financial restrictions on Jewish settlers involved in attacks on Palestinians as well as on Hamas.”

Moreover, “Tsav 9 was listed as sanctioned on the website of the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control on Friday.”

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Furthermore, on May 13, Tsav 9 set fire to 2 aid trucks and looted in Western Bank. 

Additionally, “Tsav 9 – Hebrew for Order 9, a reference to call-up orders for Israeli military reservists – said after the May 13 incident it acted to stop supplies from reaching Hamas and accused the Israeli government of giving “gifts” to the Islamist group.”

Biden’s Administration Statement on Sanctions. 

US Director Aaron Forsberg said, “We’re using the authority to sanction an ever-broadening selection of actors, targeting individuals and entities that threaten the peace, security, and stability of the West Bank regardless of religion, ethnicity, or location.”

Moreover, Forsberg said, “We’ll continue to use all tools at our disposal to promote accountability for those who attempt to undertake or perpetrate such heinous acts.”

“We have raised this at all levels of the government of Israel and we expect that Israeli authorities will do the same,” Forsberg summed up.

US Spokesperson Matthew Miller said, “For months, individuals from Tzav 9 have repeatedly sought to thwart the delivery of humanitarian aid to Gaza, including by blocking roads, sometimes violently, along their route from Jordan to Gaza, including transiting the West Bank.”

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Moreover, Miller said, “They also have damaged aid trucks and dumped life-saving humanitarian aid onto the road.”

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