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Ambassador Thomas and UNSC demands de-escalation in Sudan


New York, 14 June 2024 (TDI): US Ambassador Thomas and The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) demand the complete De-escalation of military operations and RSF halts its siege and violence against civilians in Sudan on 13 June 2024.

US Ambassador to UN Linda Thomas Greenfield said the USA is deeply concerned by the rapidly disintegrating situation in Sudan.

Ambassador Thomas said, “Today, the Security Council came together to demand the RSF halt its siege of, and violence against, the people of El Fasher. The Council called for the warring parties to protect civilians, allow humanitarian aid to flow freely, and come to the negotiating table to end this war.”


Ambassador Thomas stated that, under international law, we are united in demanding the protection of civilians and the allowance of humanitarian assistance in Sudan.

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Moreover, Thomas thanked the UK administration as the penholder, for getting across the finish line.

“Sudan has become the worst humanitarian crisis on the planet. More than 25 million people in Sudan over half the country’s population are in dire need of humanitarian assistance and protection. Today, the UN Security Council demanded that civilians are protected and that humanitarian aid is allowed to flow freely – across borders and conflict lines, per international law, Thomas added.”

Furthermore, she said, we urged the member states to abstain from external interference, if it continues it will increase instability. And came together to call for an immediate cessation of hostilities directing to a sustainable resolution of the conflict.

Ambassador Thomas warns warring parties

Ambassador Thomas warned the warring parties, “If they do not respect international humanitarian law and facilitate humanitarian access, the Security Council should take action to ensure life-saving aid is delivered and distributed, by considering all tools at its disposal, including authorizing aid to move from neighboring countries, as this Council has done in other instances.”

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Further, Thomas added, “I’ll also note that this resolution calls on the Secretary-General to bring forward options to help better protect civilians. This is critical. And we look forward to those recommendations.”

“Together, let us lift the voices of the Sudanese people and help build a more secure, more free, and more democratic future in Sudan,” Thomas said.

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