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US and Ukraine sign 10-year security agreement


Italy, 14 June 2024 (TDI): US President Joe Biden and Ukraine President Vladimir Zelensky signed a 10-year Bilateral security agreement on 13 June 2024 in Italy.

Both Presidents signed an agreement aimed at bolstering Ukraine’s defense against Russia’s aggression and getting close to NATO members.

According to reports, “The deal, signed on the sidelines of the G7 summit in Italy, aims to commit future U.S. administrations to support Ukraine, even if former President Donald Trump wins November’s election.”

President Biden said, “Our goal is to strengthen Ukraine’s credible defense and deterrence capabilities for the long term.”

Moreover, Biden said, G7 sent a message to Russian President Vladimir Putin, “You cannot wait us out. You cannot divide us.”

The G7 Countries also consented to provide a $50 Billion loan to Ukraine endorsed by Profit from frozen Russian assets.

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Security Agreement

“The US-Ukraine security deal provides a framework for a long-term effort to modernize Ukraine’s outdated armed forces and serves as a step towards Ukraine’s eventual NATO membership.”

Moreover, under the agreement, “In the event of an armed attack or threat of such against Ukraine, top US and Ukrainian officials will meet within 24 hours to consult on a response and determine what additional defense needs are required for Ukraine.”

Additionally, The US reiterated its support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. The US also condemned a renewed push by Russia on Ukraine’s eastern front.

This agreement also outlines the plan to formulate Ukraine’s defense industry and extend its industry. 

Furthermore, per the agreement, “Ukraine needs a “significant” military force and sustained investments in its defense industrial base consistent with NATO standards.”

This agreement will enable both countries to conduct joint training and military education programs.

If in the future, Trump comes into power in the United States, the future of agreement remains the same. 

On the question of government change in the United States and providing support to Ukraine, President Zelenskt said, “People stood with Ukraine because they have shared values and empathize with the Ukrainian people.”

Moreover, Zelensky said, “I don’t think that popular support will change. If the people are with us, any leader will be with us in this struggle for freedom.”

According to the reports, “Biden recently shifted his policy against allowing Ukraine to use American weapons for attacks inside Russia, permitting Kyiv to fire long-range U.S. missiles against Russian targets near the embattled Ukrainian city of Kharkiv.”

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Additionally, “Biden made clear he would not permit Ukraine to expand its use of US missiles inside Russia,” at the conference.

Biden summed up his statement by saying, “It makes a lot of sense for Ukraine to be able to take out or combat what is going across that border. In terms of long-range weapons. We have not changed our position on that.”

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