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President Erdogan holds Israel accountable for regional unrest


Ankara, 17 April 2024 (TDI): Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan considered Prime Minister Netanyahu and the Israeli leadership responsible for the escalation and mounting tension in the region.

“Israel is trying to provoke a regional conflict, and its attack on Iran’s embassy in Damascus was the last drop,” he told a press conference in Ankara after a cabinet meeting.

He added that new regional conflicts are possible as long as the “cruelty and genocide” in Gaza continues.

Furthermore, he called on all parties to act with common sense while slamming the West for condemning Iran’s attack but not Israel’s strike on Iran’s embassy.

“The events that occurred over the weekend showed both the West’s double-standard attitude and the possibility of a war that could envelop the entire region were not far away.”

“In the last event, the source of the problem should be correctly identified,” he vehemently emphasized.

“It will not be a just, fair, and principled attitude to make an assessment just by looking at the night of 13th April,” he urged the world audience.

Providing a background to the roots of escalation, he highlighted that “since 7th October, the Israeli government has taken provocative steps to spread the fire to the region.”

Violation of International Law and double standards

“Israel’s violation of International Law and the Vienna agreement, targeting the Iranian Embassy in Damascus, has been the last straw,” he explained.

In addition, “except for a few countries, no one reacted to the Israeli administration’s brutality, which trampled on international practices.”

President Erdogan later criticized that “for months, those who did not speak out against Israel’s aggressive attitude immediately entered a condemnation race against Iran’s response.”

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“However, it is Netanyahu himself who should be condemned here first,” he concluded.

The blatant and unprovoked strike by Israel on 1st April on the Iranian Embassy and its consular compound in Damascus initiated a response from Iran on 13th April with hundreds of explosive drones, cruise missiles, and ballistic missiles.


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