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Palestinian Ministry decries Khiam massacre in Rafah


Ramallah, 27 May 2024 (TDI): The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates has decried over massacre in the Khiam area of Rafah governorate.

The Ministry believes that the Khiam massacre in Rafah belies the Israeli occupation’s claims that there are safe areas in the Gaza Strip.

Therefore, the Ministry condemns in the strongest terms the heinous massacre committed by the Israeli occupation forces last night.

“Targeting the tents of forcibly displaced people of northwest of Rafah [by Israeli forces], has left dozens of martyrs. Their bodies were turned into pieces as a result of the violent bombing and severe burning. In addition, dozens of wounded who lost their limbs mostly included women and children,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs narrated.

Moreover, the targeting has been done “in a way that is accompanied by the occupation’s targeting of the health system, putting it out of service, and [creating] the severe shortage in the introduction of necessary medicines and treatments,” it further emphasized.

New evidence requires immediate cessation of aggression

“The Ministry considers this crime to be new evidence. Evidence which confirms that Israel’s declared war is against Palestinian civilians,” it claimed through an official statement.

Indeed, “the evidence belies the occupation’s claims that there are safe areas in the Gaza Strip. It is officially declared Israeli disregard for the course of international justice, its orders and decisions, and conclusive evidence that an immediate cessation of aggression is the correct approach of protecting civilians,” it vehemently criticized.

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“The Ministry calls on the countries that are still supporting Israel in its war, under the false pretexts of self-defense, to awaken their conscience. Also, it urges them to stop obstructing the international movement to end the genocidal war against our people,” it demanded.

Lastly, “it advocates that the world must force the occupying state to obey international law and implement the resolutions of international legitimacy, thereby, leading to an end of the Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands and to achieve security and stability in the region,” it concluded.

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