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Week of Solidarity with Peoples of Non-Self-Governing Territories


Observed annually from May 25th to 31st, the Week of Solidarity with the Peoples of Non-Self-Governing Territories is a substantial period dedicated to raising awareness and expressing support for the people living in non-self-governing territories.

The United Nations established this observance to highlight the plight of these territories and to reinforce the international community’s commitment to decolonization.

The UN Charter, along with various resolutions, mandates the promotion of political, economic, social, and educational advancement in these regions, ultimately aiming to guide them towards self-governance.

The United Nations expressed its thoughts about the occasion on social media platforms: “Since the creation of the UN in 1945, more than 80 former colonies have gained independence.”

The United Nations plays a pivotal role in supporting non-self-governing territories.

The UN Special Committee on Decolonization, also known as the Committee of 24, works tirelessly to monitor the situation in these territories and advocate for their decolonization.

The UN also collaborates with member states and non-governmental organizations to provide necessary support and facilitate dialogue toward achieving self-determination.

Throughout the Week of Solidarity, various activities are organized to educate and engage the public. These may include seminars, conferences, cultural events, and media campaigns.

Furthermore, these activities aim to shed light on the conditions in non-self-governing territories, celebrate their cultures, and amplify their calls for self-governance.

Solidarity is crucial in the global effort to end colonialism and promote justice. By standing in solidarity with these peoples, the international community reaffirms its commitment to their right to self-determination and independence.

The Week of Solidarity with the Peoples of Non-Self-Governing Territories is a key observance that underlines the international community’s responsibility to promote and support those striving for self-determination.

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Also, by raising awareness, fostering support, and advocating for the rights of people in NSGTs, this week plays a vital role in advancing the cause of justice, equality, and freedom worldwide.

Moreover, it serves as a reminder that the struggle for self-governance continues and that solidarity is essential in achieving a world free from colonialism and oppression.

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