Ramallah, 15 March 2024 (TDI): The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates of Palestine released a statement after 160 days of the war of extermination by Israel in Gaza.

The Ministry stated that the international community failed to implement any measure to protect Palestinian civilians. Civilians in the Gaza Strip are the victims of ongoing international wagers on Netanyahu and his army’s moral character.

The international community and all UN institutions have been unable to put into practice any measure that would protect Palestinian civilians after 160 days of genocidal warfare against our people.

This includes translating American and international positions, UN resolutions, and the International Court of Justice’s precautionary order into actionable steps that ensure this noble humanitarian goal. It draws attention to a dual and significant challenge in handling this matter.

On the one hand, the Israeli government persists in impeding UN resolutions about this matter. It disregards global and US pleas and requests for the defense of people and the fulfillment of their fundamental humanitarian requirements.

Instead, as is the case at the moment, Israel keeps up its escalation of mass murder. As a result of the continuous, heinous bombing, which includes targeting civilians who are waiting for help—as was the case recently on the Kuwaiti roundabout—or targeting civilians who are starving and spreading across Deir al-Balah, Khan Yunis, and Al-Wusta before spreading to Rafah, there are more and more civilian casualties, many of them children.

These attacks have gone unpunished by the international community. The other side of this major problem is the lack of international response to the genocide against the people of Palestine.

The number of countries that are supporting Netanyahu, his values, the foundations of his war, and his army, all of which have failed, and the states’ insistence on putting demands on the Israeli government in ways that give Israel plenty of leeway to skirt those international positions.

It is pertinent to note here that Israel has no right to use the principle of protecting civilians and turning aid into a bargaining chip or a means of blackmail.

According to the Palestinian Ministry, the continuation of repeated international appeals for the sake of humanity has failed and is nothing more than a formality.

This ineffectiveness results from the lack of real international pressure on the occupying state to protect civilians and secure their needs.

Moreover, Palestine takes the lack of international support for Palestinian civilians very seriously and believes that it has reached the point of collaboration with Netanyahu’s objectives and interests for the occupation and the murderous assault against the Palestinian people.

Regarding this, the Ministry affirmed that many nations are still discussing Israel’s right to self-defense over five months after the extermination war.

Given that protecting civilians during this time would be impossible due to ongoing bombing, the Israeli side has been using this argument as a pretext to finish eradicating and displacing Palestinian people via coercion.

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