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Austrian Foreign Minister meets with Director General of International Vaccine Institute


Vienna, 9 October 2021 (TDI): Alexander Schallenberg, the Foreign Minister of Austria welcomed Jerome Kim, the Director-General of the International Vaccine Institute (IVI) in Vienna.

International Vaccine Institute is an organization under the initiative of the United Nations Development Program of biomedical scientists, health professionals, infectious disease experts and humanitarian leaders working to prevent the world from dangerous diseases.
The institute is responsible for developing new vaccines. It also studies the impacts of vaccines to ensure vaccine security.
IVI is now working on the coronavirus pandemic to make a safer world for living. The Austrian Foreign Minister appreciated the work of IVI in fighting against dangerous diseases. He also acknowledged the IVI role in containing Covid-19.
The Austrian FM further stated that multilateralism is the only way to defeat the pandemic. He emphasized the cooperation of the world which can put an end to the coronavirus.
Note that the coronavirus pandemic has had dire effects on the world since its arrival in 2019. It has not only destroyed the economy of the developing countries but also affected the economy of the developed countries. It has forced the government to put lockdowns and enforce social distancing.
Coronavirus pandemic has united the world. The developed countries are helping the poor countries to fight against the breakout by providing vaccines and humanitarian aid. The role of IVI has also become important due to the increasing myths against vaccines.

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