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Joint Declaration for Mexico-US High Dialogue


Mexico City, 9 October 2021 (TDI): The Declaration starts by stating that Mexico and the United States need; and desire to deal with the security challenges together. As both share a stable relation; based in sovereignty, mutual respect, and friendship bond.

The Declaration mentions that both countries suffer from the effects of from drug’s addictions; the gun violence, illegal drugs, weapons, human trafficking, and smuggling. Finally both countries suffer from the organized crime groups. Mexico and the US committed to cooperate with each other to find solutions; to achieve the shared objectives of peace and security.

The Declaration also states that the cooperation vision within security needs to expand to protect the citizens; and both stressed the need for the attention of the most vulnerable communities, to prevent crime before it starts.

Secretary Blinken and Marcelo Ebrard on the meeting to make the Joint Declaration.
Secretary Blinken and Chancellor Marcelo Ebrard on the meeting to make the Joint Declaration.

According to the Declaration; other commitments that Mexico and the US took in the meeting were to respect human rights; to support new methods to deal with the conflict, to cooperate to prevent crime, and give the young population different options than joining crime groups. Also to improve jails to provide them a less discriminatory but more humane treatment.

Both countries also committed to work together to reduce illegal arms trafficking; to the transnational crime organizations. To tackle addictions from a scientific point of view; and with a public health approach, to improve education, to share information to detect money laundering; and fight against corruption.

Finally, the US and Mexico commit to fight organized crime; and to take concrete measures. The SRE announced that both countries have the intention to sign the Memorandum of Understanding to reduce drug addiction and its risks.

Through the Comprehensive Opiod Stimulants, and other substances Abuse Program; the US wants to provide early alert systems and also to be able to track demand. This is to identify the victims and then providing them with financial support. Another commitment is that both countries have to create the Prevention of Homicide Network. Mexico and the United States reaffirm their commitment to deal with the illegal arms traffic.

Last; both countries reaffirmed their commitment to expanding cooperation against human traffic actions of the criminal organizations. To act against crime groups, with bilateral actions; to weaken the actors and their financial nets, and to guarantee human rights. Those were the topics discussed in the meeting.


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