Beijing, 18 December 2021 (TDI): Prime Minister of China, Li Keqiang held a virtual meeting with the Business Leaders of the Global CEO Council. The meeting included representatives of 30 major international companies.

Premier Li highlighted that China is a huge marketplace with great potential and will continue to create a lucrative and internationalized business environment that adheres to the rule of law. He encouraged the business leaders to expand investment in the country.

China is a Huge Marketplace

Li Keqiang emphasized that China follows the strategy of opening up and reform to achieve modernization and it will persist impartial treatment of domestic and international companies and protection of intellectual property rights.

Moreover, the country aims to deepen its reforms to improve the government’s services and regulation as well as streamline administrative power, amongst other measures.

The Prime Minister lauded the international companies for their contributions to the reforms and opening-up of China as well as its modernization. In an in-depth discussion with the business leaders, he underscored that the Chinese government will maintain an institutional arrangement for tax and fee reduction.

Consequently, it will improve the proportion of development and research investment in the gross domestic product of the country. Furthermore, China has adopted the strategy of innovation-driven development.

China to facilitate Enterprises

The Chinese government will help companies through methods that are inclusive, market-based and fair, in their innovation drive. Such a move will also enrich the development of new energies and clean utilization of coal via technical cooperation and innovation.

The country aims to achieve low-carbon and green development whilst assuring a sufficient supply of electricity. During the meeting, Li Keqiang briefed the participants on the economic situation of the country.

He expressed that even though it is facing a new downward pressure, China will persist to focus on stabilizing economic development along with guaranteeing that the economic performance stays within an appropriate range.

China has as many as 150 million market entities and the government intends to make every effort to ease companies of the ordeals they experience so as to stabilize employment and growth. In addition, entrepreneurship and innovation will be encouraged to increase creativity and generate more jobs.

China to adopt Macro Policies

Besides, the Chinese government will implement macro policies as per the needs of market entities as well as strong financial and fiscal support for them. It will also lower their financing costs and reduce their taxes and fees.

The business leaders on their part expressed confidence in the prospects for the Chinese economy. They expressed optimism about actively participating in the modernization drive of the country.

The virtual meeting was attended by the representatives of about 30 Fortune Global 500 companies which include Dow, ABB, Panasonic, Schneider Electric, Rio Tinto, Cargill, Volkswagen, and Starbucks.