China’s opening-up policy will not wane: FM spokesperson

Spokesman of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Wang Webin.
Beijing, 8 September 2021 (TDI): The Spokesman of the Chinese Foreign Ministry Wang Wenbin while addressing the pressing conference on Wednesday noted that China’s opening-up policy will not flicker at any time.
“It is fundamentally conducive to the fair, orderly, and sustainable growth and development of the Chinese economy, and is good to the world economy in the long run. Chinese and foreign investors, business operators, and consumers will eventually benefit from it,” says Wang Wenbin.
Moreover, he said that China is striving against monopoly and will punish the individuals involved in unfair market competition. China is also planning to become more accessible at higher levels. Wang mentioned that China will provide a safe milieu to the business for their growth, cooperation and mutual benefits.

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