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FM Netherlands acknowledges Pakistan’s cooperation


Amsterdam, 15 October 2021 (TDI): Ben Knapen, the Foreign Minister of the Netherlands has acknowledged the efforts of Pakistan in the Afghan evacuation process.

Taking to Twitter, he said, ‘We are very grateful to the Pakistani authorities for their continued cooperation in our efforts to bring those who have worked for us to safety’.

In the same vein, A total of 46 afghans had left for the Netherlands from Afghanistan via Pakistan. The minister expressed his overwhelming gratitude to Pakistani authorities who have cooperated with the Netherlands on the safe evacuations of the afghans.

Moreover, the evacuation process began right after the Taliban took over in Afghanistan. Eventually, as the withdrawal deadline came to a close, many foreign nationals and Afghan families found themselves in an insecure situation.

The process for airlifting soon began and Pakistan became one of the leading countries in facilitating the evacuees to safe destinations.

As the evacuation process is still underway and a lot of afghans are waiting for their asylum registrations to get approved by countries, Pakistan continues to help the afghans by providing them safe evacuations from the war-torn country and ultimately transporting them to the designated countries.

The relentless evacuation efforts by Pakistan have also been acknowledged by other countries as well.

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