Beijing, 9 October 2023 (TDI): In response to the recent escalation of hostilities between Palestine and Israel, the Chinese Foreign Ministry issued a statement on October 8 expressing deep concern over the situation.

China has expressed deep concern over the escalating tensions and violence between Palestinians and Israelis.

It has called on all relevant parties to prioritize peace and exercise restraint, according to a statement from Mao Ning, a Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson.

The ongoing violence, which has resulted in significant casualties on both sides, underscores the pressing need for a peaceful resolution.

The Spokesperson emphasized that the enduring peace in the region can only be achieved through the implementation of the two-state solution, leading to the establishment of an independent State of Palestine.

The recurring outbreaks of violence further emphasize the urgency of breaking the current deadlock in the peace process.

“The international community must act with a sense of urgency, intensify efforts to address the Palestine question, facilitate the prompt resumption of peace negotiations between Palestine and Israel & work towards a lasting and enduring peace” she stated.

It is imperative to work collectively towards a lasting and comprehensive resolution to the conflict.

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China remains committed to collaborating with the international community to promote peace, stability, and justice in the region.

The goal is to support and contribute to the realization of a peaceful two-state solution that brings an end to the cycle of violence and ensures a brighter future for both Palestine and Israel.