Addis Ababa, 6 October 2023 (TDI): The Satchmo American Center, in collaboration with Yene Health, orchestrated an enlightening panel discussion focusing on career opportunities in the health sector to empower aspiring professionals.

Panelists including Dr. Solomon Dessalegn, Dr. Kiruble Yilma, and Dr. Mulugeta Bogale shed light on vital aspects of the healthcare field by sharing valuable insights on professional growth, leadership development, and skill enhancement.

The insightful discussion involved career paths within the health sector, offering a diverse range of options for aspiring professionals.

Dr. Solomon Dessalegn, CEO of Lifeline Addis Homecare Services, emphasized the significance of leveraging. He also talked about one’s passion and skills in carving out a fulfilling career in healthcare.

Dr. Kiruble Yilma, visionary founder of Alle Market Chatbot Technologies and Doctors Online platform, underscored the role of innovation and technology.

He highlighted the importance of embracing emerging technologies to enhance patient care and optimize operational efficiencies.

Dr. Mulugeta Bogale, well-known in the healthcare domain, encouraged attendees to explore leadership roles and continuity for excellence in their chosen careers.

He shared insights into the diverse avenues available for professional growth within the healthcare sector, emphasizing the need for proactive self-development.

The panel completely agreed that technology should be used in the field for collaboration. They urged the attendees to familiarize themselves with career rising and related actions in Ethiopia.

Likewise, during the panel discussion, the focus also shifted to the significance of professional skills essential for success in the health industry.

The esteemed panelists underscored the importance of continuous learning, adaptability, and effective communication as factors for personal and professional advancement.

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This event provided a platform for individuals to gain valuable knowledge to pursue their dreams in the healthcare sector.