Harare, 14 October 2023 (TDI): Following a productive visit to Türkiye, Frederich M. M. Shava the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Zimbabwe, expressed great enthusiasm for the burgeoning interest in Zimbabwe’s offerings.

He felt encouraged by the rapid growth in trade between the two nations. During various engagements, he passionately conveyed his vision of elevating the value of trade to a significant milestone of $USD 100 million, viewing it as a promising start.

Shava remained optimistic about achieving this ambitious goal, firmly believing in the potential of both nations.

The visit to Türkiye served as a pivotal moment in strengthening diplomatic and trade ties between Zimbabwe and the Turkish nation.

Shava, in his capacity as a representative of Zimbabwe, engaged in constructive dialogues aimed at enhancing collaboration in diverse sectors.

His discussions resonated with Türkiye’s eagerness to explore mutual opportunities and establish a sustainable trade partnership.

Upon reflection, Shava acknowledged the warm reception and genuine interest exhibited by the Turkish counterparts.

It was evident that Türkiye recognized Zimbabwe’s potential as a valuable trade partner and was keen to leverage the complementary strengths of both economies.

Shava appreciated this proactive approach, envisioning a future of prosperous trade relations. He emphasized the need for strategic partnerships and collaboration to unlock the true potential of trade between the two nations.

He highlighted the wealth of resources and unique products that Zimbabwe could offer to Türkiye. Shava articulated his belief that by capitalizing on these strengths, the trade value could be substantially elevated, benefiting both countries.

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Furthermore, Frederich Shava’s discussions also delved into fostering an environment conducive to investment and trade.

He emphasized the importance of establishing favorable policies and frameworks that would attract businesses from Türkiye to invest in Zimbabwe.

The Zimbabwean Foreign Minister also pointed out the untapped investment opportunities in Zimbabwe, inviting Türkiye to explore and invest in sectors ranging from agriculture to mining and manufacturing.

Frederick Shava’s optimism stemmed from the realization that both nations possessed the capabilities and determination to make this trade vision a reality.

He firmly believed that with sustained efforts, dedication, and collaborative strategies, the trade value could not only reach but surpass the targeted $USD 100 million.

Foreign Minister Shava underlined that achieving this target was not just a possibility but a shared commitment.

In short, Frederich Shava’s visit to Türkiye was a stepping stone toward a promising future of trade and collaboration.

His positive engagements and insightful discussions have set the stage for a strengthened relationship between Zimbabwe and Türkiye.

The vision of elevating trade value to $USD 100 million remains a beacon of hope, and Shava’s belief in the potential for success echoes the sentiments of a fruitful partnership on the horizon.