Johannesburg, 14 October 2023 (TDI): In the midst of escalating tensions and the developing military conflict between Israel and Hamas, South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa unequivocally expressed his support for Palestine.

The ongoing conflict in the Gaza Strip has taken a toll, prompting global leaders to weigh in on the situation. President Ramaphosa emerged as a prominent advocate for Palestinian solidarity during these challenging times.

Offering condolences to the people, President Ramaphosa demonstrated his commitment to peace and empathy for those affected by the violence.

The situation, intensified by recent attacks by Hamas, a designated Islamic Resistance Movement, demands immediate attention and intervention from leaders worldwide.

The conflict quickly escalated into a full-fledged military onslaught, causing immense suffering and loss of life. President Cyril Ramaphosa expressed his solidarity with the Palestinian people in the ongoing conflict.

His show of solidarity came through a video post shared via his official X account on Saturday. The post was titled “We pledge solidarity with the people of Palestine.”

It reflected the heartfelt sentiment and unity expressed by the South African National Executive Committee. Standing together in unity, they conveyed their deep concern about the unfolding atrocities in the Middle East.

The President emphasized the African National Congress’s unwavering position regarding the Israel-Palestine conflict, underlining the necessity of a two-state solution for lasting peace in the region.

This stance echoed the global call for a diplomatic resolution to the enduring conflict. President Ramaphosa’s statement reiterated the imperative need for unity and diplomacy to achieve stability and harmony in the region.

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The recent developments in the conflict have already claimed thousands of lives on both sides, according to reports from humanitarian bodies.

The devastating toll of this conflict further intensified the urgency for immediate intervention and a concerted effort toward finding a peaceful resolution.

President Ramaphosa’s unequivocal support for the people of Palestine echoed the sentiments of many, highlighting the imperative need for peace and stability in the Middle East.

In fact, his vocal expression of support for Palestine during the Israel-Palestine conflict stood as a testament to his dedication to peace and unity on the global stage.

His condolences and solidarity extended to both Israelis and Palestinians showcased a diplomatic approach, urging for a two-state solution as the only viable path to lasting peace in the Middle East.

The need for swift and collective action to mitigate the ongoing conflict remains at the forefront of international discussions.