Chinese Ambassador presented China’s position on Ukraine Issue

China's position on Ukraine
Chinese Ambassador, Qin Gang, in an interview presented the China's position over the Ukraine issue on a US Talk Show

Beijing, 28 March 20222 (TDI): Chinese Ambassador, Qin Gang, in an interview presented China’s position over the Ukraine issue on a US Talk Show. The interview took place on March 20.

Currently, countries are pressurizing China to condemn and sanction Russia over the Ukraine conflict. In response, China has presented an independent and principled approach to handling the situation.

As per remarks of the Chinese Ambassador, China will never accept any coercion over the situation in Ukraine. However, if the US imposes unilateral sanctions against China, China will counter the threats.

Similarly, China has an independent position regarding the Ukraine Crisis. Further, scores of countries have put forward their independent stances. The ambassador reaffirmed that China makes observations and decisions based on the matter itself.

As per remarks of the Chinese ambassador, the sole objective of China is to promote peace and stability in the region. China is not providing weapons to Russia as this act goes against the principled stance of President Xi Jinping.

Instead, he said that China is providing humanitarian aid to the people of Ukraine. He then added that President Xi Jinping persuaded Russian President, Vladimir Putin, to take part in negotiations. As a result, four rounds of talks were conducted to resolve the conflict.

Thereafter, the ambassador pointed out that China’s relations with Russia is not a liability but an asset. Then, he added that China is a part of the solution at the international platform. Also, China wants to maintain good relations with the EU and United States.

As a result, the Chinese ambassador remarked that it is in the best interests of China to maintain healthy relations with Ukraine as well. China and Ukraine enjoy healthy economic and trade relations. Ukraine is also a part of the BRI project.

During the conversation, the ambassador also reaffirmed that condemning and sanctioning will not compel Russia to stop the ongoing military operation in Ukraine. According to the ambassador, condemnation is a naïve thing to do at the moment.

He then said that only wisdom, courage, and diplomacy can resolve the crisis. Along these lines, Chinese wisdom suggests that common good and just cause can resolve the Ukraine crisis.

Officially, China has put forward five-point formula to resolve the crisis. These points provide a principled framework and China’s position on Ukraine to be held globally and regionally.

China’s Principled Stance on Ukraine

The five-point formula of China is as under;

1) It is pertinent to note that China respects the territorial sovereignty, integrity, and core interests of countries around the globe. As per the Chinese narrative, this point applies to Ukraine as well.

2) Besides, China advocates sustainable, cooperative, comprehensive, and common security. China believes that the security of one country should not come at expense of other countries’ security.

Subsequently, China disregards the mentality of the Cold War. Therefore, Russian concerns and security demands must be addressed in the context of NATO’s expansion toward the eastern flank.

3) China further believes that all parties should exercise “necessary restraint” to resolve the situation in Ukraine. At the moment, the large-scale humanitarian crisis must be averted to protect the life and property of civilians.

4) China supports diplomatic engagement for the peaceful settlement of the issue.

5) Also, China believes that UNSC must play a constructive role to resolve the Russia and Ukraine conflict. Currently, only diplomatic negotiations would give a positive impact. In addition to that, China disregards invoking Chapter VII which authorizes the use of forces and sanctions.




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