Awarding August 1 Medal in China

August 1 Medal
Chinese President, Xi Jinping, has approved the Central Military Commission to award the August 1 Medal for outstanding personnel

Beijing, 31 March 2022 (TDI): Chinese President, Xi Jinping, has approved the Central Military Commission to award the August 1 Medal for outstanding personnel.

The ceremony will be held on the occasion of the 95th anniversary of the establishment of People’s Liberation Army. In this regard, CMC will define the scope, conditions, and procedure for the nomination. Besides, the CMC Chairman has the official authority to award these medals.

It is pertinent to note that August 1 is the highest military honor in China. China nominates model figures due to contributions toward protecting the territorial integrity, sovereignty, and core interests of China.

Moreover, the August 1 medal demonstrates how PLA personnel safeguarded the development interests along with modernizing the national defense. Similarly, these contributions bring far-reaching influence both on the country and the army.

During the ceremony, CMC will prioritize prominent personalities based on their contributions to strengthening the armed forces. Indeed, the CMC will also consider efforts of people put forward to protect the national interests of the country.

In this context, CMC general office has provided guidelines regarding the nominations and awards ceremony. It has also emphasized the military unit for selecting model personalities.

Above all, the purpose of this ceremony is not only to applaud the contributions of various model figures but also to build a world-class military. Eventually, modernizing the military is the need of the new era.

Besides, on August 1, PLA will mark its 95th anniversary as well. Overall, militaries around the globe confer honorary medals to appreciate the efforts of personnel. These figures make contributions to defend their motherland.

Why do Medals Matter?

In this matter, CMC says that the significance of these medals is unmatched. The awarding ceremony doesn’t subscribe to pump and show but garners a higher value.

Similarly, medals appreciate the efforts of a person with extended value. In addition to that, prominent personalities and their audacious acts of bravery make it possible to become a part of these nominations.

This opportunity comes only once in life. Subsequently, the best and the most respected people qualify for such medals among the whole population of the country.




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