Vice President of European Parliament, Heidi Hautala in an interview briefs on Pakistan's GSP Plus status.

Islamabad, 15 November 2021 (TDI): Vice President of European Parliament, Heidi Hautala in an interview with Radio Pakistan considered Pakistan an important development partner. VP European Parliament mentioned that European Parliament wants to deepen ties with Pakistan in order to progress development in diverse sectors.

GSP PLUS And Pakistan

Heidi Hautala is also a member of the Committee on International Trade of the European Parliament. VP, Hautala is also the in-charge of reviewing GSP regulations. She spoke about Pakistan’s GSP Plus status by mentioning that Pakistan will have to reapply for it by 2025.VP European Parliament highlighted the requirements of GSP Plus and considered it imperative for states to reenter into the GSP regime.

She mentioned that the EU and other concerned authorities are closely watching Pakistan’s implementation of the GSP guidelines in Pakistan. She reprimanded that the next monitoring mission would visit in 2022.

VP European Parliament, Hautala discussed Pakistan’s progress of the 27 conventions. She mentioned that Pakistan agreed to follow 27 new conventions of the GSP Plus regime. She said that Pakistan is showing significant progress in women’s rights and gender equality. VP, Hautala mentioned that the EU is committed to helping Pakistan and other GSP Plus counties in implementing conventions on human rights.

VP European Parliament, Hautala signified some new conventions in the GSP Plus. These new conventions would cater to new issues that have evolved in our world. These new conventions would pertain to issues of climate change, governance, rights of differently-abled.

Pakistan’s Energy and Trade

VP European Parliament, Hautala compared the energy consumption of developing countries with Europe. She mentioned that Europe’s energy consumption is greater than Pakistan’s. She indicated willingness in introducing green technology which would cater to Pakistan’s energy crisis and contribute to sustainable development in Pakistan.

VP Hautala expressed interest in Pakistan’s exports to the EU. Trade with the EU would enhance and diversify Pakistan’s trade.