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Taliban held talks with joint US-EU Delegation


Doha, 13 October 2021 (TDI): The Taliban held their first direct conversation with joint US-EU representatives. The meeting was held in Qatar, which has always facilitated a Taliban political office.

At the Doha meeting, the opinion of the US-EU delegation was the same for the Taliban, the world is focused on humanitarian assistance for Afghan people, and the state should not turn into a safe haven for militant factions. The Taliban are being observed by their actions and conduct, now and in the future.

The newly formed Taliban government is looking for acknowledgement and help to prevent any disaster. The country’s resources abroad have been frozen. Meanwhile, food prices and joblessness are rising, inciting trigger warnings of economic and social disasters. The Taliban government is facing a lot of challenges in the country. International support has been obstructed to Afghanistan since the Taliban got back to control following the withdrawal of the US and other foreign forces following 20 years of war.


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