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US, Australia, UK Air Force team up for exercise in Queensland


Queensland, 26 December 2023 (TDI): Tri-Nation Air forces exercise an Indo-Pacific power projection in Queensland. Air Force from the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom teamed up for a global dexterity to strengthen partnerships in the region. 

The US Asia-Pacific Media Hub issued a written statement that said, “Australia, US, and UK teamed up for an exercise in Queensland, intending to develop multilateral tactical airlift and airdrop capabilities between the three nations.”

According to the Department of Defense, during the global dexterity exercise, the US Air Force, Royal Australian Air Force, and Royal Air Force, along with maintainers from each nation, worked together to ensure all aircraft were safe to train and fly daily in the Indo-Pacific.

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This exercise marked the first time the Royal Air Force participated in this exercise with American and British members. The aim is to strengthen military partnerships, and mission capabilities in war and peace. Additionally, for humanitarian operations throughout the Indo-Pacific.

Lt. Col. Chris Gilbert said, “Not only are three countries flying our aircraft together, but the crews flying the aircraft are made up of all three countries.” Furthermore, he said, “Once we return and hand back to maintenance professionals, fully integrated teams work to prepare the aircraft to fly again.”

The exercise allows the three nations a unique experience of multilateral interaction through blend of crew members and maintenance teams. This partnership is especially important given the changing strategic environment in the region. We are learning and growing together in a way that helps us in those situations in the future if we have a humanitarian disaster.

Lastly, Gilbert said, “we achieve integrated deterrence only when we play together, eat together, work together, debrief together and put in the effort to make each other better.”


Hamail Tahir
Hamail Tahir
A student of MPhil in Strategic Studies at National Defence University Islamabad (NDU). She is eager to understand the global changing dynamics and how states use their national interests to acquire regional hegemony. Her focus primarily lies in diplomatic and strategic initiatives during peace and conflict paradigms and can be reached at hamail.tahir@gmail.com

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