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Asif Noor Appointed Chairman-Foreign Affairs Committee of Pakistan- China Commerce Alliance International (PCCAI)


Xi’an, 26 December 2023(TDI)— Pakistan- China Commerce Alliance International (PCCAI) is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Muhammad Asif Noor as the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee.

In this key role, Mr. Noor will play a pivotal role in advancing the objectives of the China-Pakistan International Business Alliance, focusing on fostering stronger ties between the two nations, facilitating industrial investment, and promoting business cooperation.

Mr. Muhammad Asif Noor brings a wealth of experience and expertise to this esteemed position. As a seasoned professional in the field, his strategic vision and understanding of international affairs are expected to elevate the efforts of Pakistan China Commerce Alliance International in better promoting the interests of both nations.

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As Chairman, Mr. Noor will actively lead and represent Pakistan China Commerce Alliance International in all matters related to foreign affairs, particularly in negotiations with the government and business groups. This includes spearheading initiatives that contribute to the success of the China-Pakistan International Business Alliance, focusing on enhancing economic cooperation, industrial investment, and business facilitation between Pakistan and China.

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Muhammad Asif Noor is CEO of Diplomatic Insight Group of Companies and is an exceptional leader with a remarkable record of establishing and nurturing influential connections at the highest echelons of government and civil society in Pakistan and across the region, especially in the Central Asia Republics.

With a diverse background in business, media, and academia, he has honed his expertise over two decades, creating a network that spans the globe. As the visionary CEO of the Diplomatic Insight Group (DIG), Asif Noor has earned a reputation for his innovative thinking and outstanding leadership. He offers invaluable services, including expert analysis, research, and outreach, empowering governments, media outlets, research institutions, and trade organizations to make well-informed decisions. His focus extends beyond the Central Asia and South Asia regions, reaching across the region.

Recognized for his unwavering commitment to strengthening the ties between Pakistan and the Central Asian Republics, Asif Noor has gained the utmost acknowledgment from governments and institutions in the region. DIG comprises five prestigious entities, including Belt and Road Consultants Pvt Ltd, a prominent trading company; Nirvana Merchants Pvt Ltd, and the Global Business Alliance, a vast network of chambers, business entities, and executives; the Diplomatic Insight, a leading Public Diplomacy Magazine; the Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies, a prominent Public Diplomacy Think Tank; Global News Pakistan, a multilingual News Agency.

The remarkable contributions of Mr. Noor have been celebrated through numerous accolades, underscoring his significant impact. He has been honored with the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) Communications Award from the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China to Pakistan and China Economic Net (CEN).

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Government of Uzbekistan gave him the prestigious Public Diplomat Award, recognizing his pivotal role. Additionally, NEXT Federation New Zealand presented him with the Hurricane Lamp Top Award for Policy Coordination, highlighting his exceptional skills.

Asif Noor is an acclaimed author and publisher, regularly lending his expertise to various Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Embassies, and national and international news and media outlets. His contributions cover many subjects, including foreign policy and security issues, making him a sought-after authority.

As a leading platform for promoting bilateral trade and business relations, PCCAI  is confident that Mr. Muhammad Asif Noor’s leadership will bring a new dimension to the organization’s efforts. His strategic insights and dedication to fostering strong ties align seamlessly with the alliance’s mission of creating a conducive environment for sustainable economic growth and collaboration between China and Pakistan.

In a statement issued by PCCAI, Mr. Muhammad Asif Noor has been duly authorized to represent the organization in Pakistan, acting as a key liaison for all matters related to government engagements and business negotiations. This signifies a significant step forward in the alliance’s commitment to promoting mutual interests and strengthening economic ties between the two nations.

The appointment of Mr. Muhammad Asif Noor comes at a crucial juncture, as both Pakistan and China seek to enhance their economic partnership and explore new avenues of cooperation. PCCAI  believes that his leadership will contribute significantly to the success of ongoing and future initiatives, ultimately fostering a more robust and mutually beneficial relationship.


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