Ainabo, 5 October 2023 (TDI):  With vital backing from the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Ainabo in Somalia celebrated a significant milestone; the inauguration of the Ainabo desalination plant.

This innovative facility is now providing purified water, guaranteeing access to clean drinking water for 3,000 households.

The achievement of Ainabo Desalination Plant marks a transformative moment for the Ainabo community, ushering in an era of improved health and prosperity.

UNDP Administrator, Archeim Steriner lauded Ainabo’s desalination plant as a transformative achievement, emphasizing its vital role in ensuring sustainable clean water access.

This initiative underscored UNDP’s dedication to fostering resilience and improving living standards in vulnerable communities.

The residents of Ainabo were amazed to witness their brackish water transformed into clean, potable water for cooking, washing & most importantly, drinking. The conversion exceeded their expectations, marking a significant improvement in their daily lives.

Ensuring long-term sustainability is paramount for the project’s success. Collaboratively, the Somaliland Ministry of Environment and UNDP, alongside consultants, have meticulously crafted a comprehensive business plan.

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This strategic approach guarantees the initiative’s enduring impact and success. In the local vicinity, Genius Water oversees the regular maintenance of the project, while UNDP provides crucial funding in collaboration with Aptech Africa and Secco.

This partnership ensures the sustainable operation of the initiative, benefiting the community and fostering long-term development.

Zaynab Ahmed, a resident, expresses gratitude for the Ainabo well desalination, describing it as a life-changing blessing.

The availability of freshwater has transformed daily activities, from cooking and laundry to making tea. Zaynab extends heartfelt thanks to everyone involved in ensuring their access to safe, clean water.

A dramatic shift from the past, Zaynab reflects, ‘Our water used to be unfit even for us, only animals could drink it.’

They were forced to journey to Burao for clean water, with a single barrel costing $30 to $35, highlighting the challenges they faced in securing clean drinking water.

The Ainabo desalination project showcases the power of innovation and collaboration in driving substantial positive transformations.

Providing clean water, it not only improves health but also fosters hope and a brighter future for the entire community, emphasizing the project’s far-reaching impact.