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Leaking pot exercises help Afghanistan in developing communities


Kabul: 27 July 2021 (TDI) Leaking pot exercises are being held in Afghanistan so that households are able to plan their budget by identifying their expenditures. This community-driven exercise is carried out under the Citizens’ Charter Afghanistan Project which is supported by the World Bank. The aim of this project is to help community members understand economic management and the major causes of poverty.

The best part about this project is that women and young people have to work side by side with their community members that help women to contribute in the exercise to analyze financial pressures that households have to face. This is a community development strategy to promote urban as well as rural development. The aspects that are given attention in this exercise are seasonal hunger, efficient budget management for families, indebtedness, poor wages, lack of access to health care services and education. This exercise has definitely been a success because it resulted in several communities reducing bride prices and wedding expenses that always left these poor households in debt.

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