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Gaza faces catastrophic hunger, IPC report


Gaza, 23 December 2023 (TDI): A newly released report paints a terrifying picture of Gaza’s escalating hunger crisis, with over one in four households facing catastrophic hunger and the spectre of famine looming closer by the day.

The Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) report, a globally recognized standard for assessing food insecurity, paints a stark picture of a population on the brink.

WFP has been sounding the alarm on this impending catastrophe for weeks,” declared Cindy McCain, the Executive Director of the World Food Programme. “Without safe and consistent access to food, water, and basic needs, the situation is beyond desperate. Every single person in Gaza is at risk of starvation.”

26% of Gazans , over 576,600 people  have exhausted their food supplies and coping mechanisms, plunging them into the direst category of hunger: Phase 5 (Catastrophic) – Starvation.

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With the conflict showing no signs of abating and access to essential resources severely restricted, the report warns of a potential famine within the next six months if urgent action is not taken.

As outlined by the IPC, the ongoing situation marked by intense conflict and constrained humanitarian access raises the imminent threat of famine within the next six months.

Previous evaluations by WFP food security experts revealed that Gaza residents have depleted all their resources, livelihoods have crumbled, bakeries lie in ruins, stores are devoid of supplies, and families struggle to secure food.

WFP staff have been informed by the people that they often endure entire days without meals, with many adults sacrificing their own sustenance so that children can eat.

WFP Chief Economist Arif Husain emphasized, “These are not merely statistics; there are individual children, women, and men behind these alarming figures. The unprecedented complexity, magnitude, and rapidity with which this crisis has unfolded demand urgent attention.”

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